Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Celebrating Hub’s 30th birthday.  His big day landed on a Wednesday, which is a total buzz kill when you are in your 30s (even if only for a few hours) and don’t want to stay up late on a work night.  Even so, I whipped up a few fancy cupcakes (from a box) and frosting (from a tub) the night before.

(The red eye removal was not cooperating and that’s why I am giving you the stink eye.  It’s ok.  Let’s keep going.)

On THE BIRTHDAY, we worked (blech) and then hit up Hub’s favorite burger joint for dinner, which only cost us $1 thanks to a wonderful Christmas giftcard!  How do you like them birthday sparkles!?  Here, the Hubs in all of his burger lovin’ glory:

Fortunately and unfortunately, we stuffed ourselves stupid during dinner and had to pass on dessert (gah, our ‘homemade’ cupcakes!).  But before you get you panties in a bunch, we got right down to it the next day by enjoying them for breakfast with coffee, which was a brilliant idea.

To finish off the week of birthday tomfoolery, Hub’s family swung into town for a visit.  And so we bid farewell to Hub’s 20s by eating Real Homemade Cake, which is a nice way to go if you ask me.  We did take pictures but there is no group shot with the birthday boy, thus a picture taking fail.  We’ll try again next year…

2.  Putting the house on the market!  Well, that part sucks.  BUT, it is kinda nice to be forced to scrub the fridge, throw out old makeup, make our bed again, and generally organize our cluttered quarters.  Hold up, hold up.  Organize is a strong word.  We haven’t been organizing really, but instead, fronting like we have.  See?

Along with hiding crap in our vehicles, we’ve been stashing dirty laundry (among other things) in the washing machine and dryer.  I know.

3.  Staying home.  We did that a lot this month.  Man, sometimes Boring is a very beautiful thing.  Who’s with me?

4.  Getting my feisty tax documents corralled and mailed to someone smarter than me.  If you need a great tax guy, I can’t say enough lovely things about ours, Matthew Accounting.  He takes good care of us and I can still stress eat, just not over fretful taxes.  Saweeet.

5.  Valentine’s Day!!!  No.  Actually, my Vday was heavy on the sour side but it’s crappy times like those that make me realize how I am Winning with a super supportive Mr. The Candace.  He’s so sweet you can’t process him with a normal brain, you need Adonis DNA.

6.  We sweet talked mint.com into letting us score a juicer so we could make ourselves mystery drinks from our fridge and thus turn into super humans!

We were inspired long ago by a juicing fanatic (hugs, Kari!) and finally made the decision that juicing is a verb we could get used to.  I thought these strange green potions would be phenomenal for my skin but unfortunately I just can’t seem to shake this clingy friend called puberty.  But, the juices are YUM in my tum, so it’s a win overall.

7.  My Winter Running Snot Rag.  My running buddy Becky made this for me for Christmas.  My nose runs faster than I do and this is the perfect soft landing for all that drippage (which is now a word, by the way).  One wipe and I’m as good as new!  I can already sense you have snot deposit envy.  You need a snot rag too!

February skipped out early (like it always seems to do) but (early) March sashayed in just in time.  Think we’ll get to see the sun much this month?

15 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

  1. You guys pack a lot into a short month! Happy Birthday again to Mr. The Candace…is that a Newt’s burger? Delicious! :-)

  2. Too funny that you just wrote your Raves and Faves Top 7 blog today. I just accepted a bloggy award and was asked to share 7 random things about Jesse and I, and then pass it on to 15 of my favorite bloggers. The award awaits you on my most recent blog. Feel free to keep it going if you’d like. No pressure, though.

    PS–I KNOW that’s a Newt’s burger, and my mouth is salivating. Love me some Newt’s.

    • How nice to have been bestowed a Bloggy Award – thank you!!! If I have time, I’ll put something together. Your random 7 fun facts was very cute to read. Do you plan to keep the blog up after your big day?

  3. Yay to Newt’s, the best burgers I’ve ever tasted! I couldn’t convince Candace to split the peanut butter and bacon burger with me, so we settled on a blue cheese and fried onion burger. PB&B, I’ll taste you eventually!

    And have you ever tried their cheese bread? Out. Of. This. World.

  4. busy month! and of course Happy Birthday again Mr. the Candace! we must not forget you! that snot rag thingy is handy…I think that it’s nifty, and I too stay home a lot as well, although a goal this year is to try and be less of a homebody…

  5. happy birthday to Mr. The Candace again!

    also, every time I hear you doing things like #2 makes me cringe. I’m not even that neat of a person but that kills me….and I’m always shocked to learn that you do such things because that really does NOT sound like you! 😉

    again, nice write up and a great way to end my day, off to bed now 😉

  6. I too wrestle with mint.com in order to buy things I like…. glad you like your juicer! My juicer and I have an on and off relationship (mostly because one of us is lazier than the other) but I still love it. :)

    Miss you.

    • I agree, the juicing can kinda get intimidating. And although I like it for breakfast – it’s gets to be a big ordeal and I think I’m going to switch to grabbing a juice while dinner is cooking. Z makes a juice almost everyday!

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