A Frozen Banana Stand

When Hubs and I had our very romantic clean-out-the-fridge-and-freezer date before putting our house on the market, he came across something I had been hiding from him for a long time.  I had, literally, a very dark secret.

Look what he found:

Sheepishly, I had to confess to him my grand plans of opening a family operated Frozen Banana Stand this summer.  Now wouldn’t that be the perfect treat!?  But, without mercy or hesitation, he squashed those dreams right there on the spot (claiming unoriginality).  And, since our freezer is the size of my pressed powder case, these frosty smiles were taking up very precious real estate.  They, for real, have to go.

So, I’ll be busy making weekly batches of banana bread and pawning the loaves off on nice friends and neighbors until this blackened fruit mountain flattens out.  Pretend that I’m just being thoughtful when the time comes to accept your carb stipend because that’s the gracious thing to do.

14 thoughts on “A Frozen Banana Stand

  1. Oh wow – that’s a lot of bananas!! LOL – I’m pretty sure that I have nearly that many in my freezer too! I hate wasting them when they ripen too fast for me to eat them; so I too pop them in the freezer so they can be used on a baking day (whenever that day comes) :-)

    • Yes, my baking day seems to keep getting put off and I’m a little wary of how old these little dudes actually are… :) At least the house smells nice when I do finally get around to it!

  2. If you look past the frozen bananas, you’ll even see some about-to-be-too-ripe yellow ones in the fruit basket, waiting patiently to join their cryogenically preserved brethren. And you wonder how we got into this mess…

    To the candace’s blog readers: please come over and help us bake/eat our way out of this banana purgatory. I’ll even make some coffee in return.

    • Yes! A grand idea! It would be a huge burden lifted off my shoulders if someone would help us eat it because one person (even a carb lovin’ fool like me) can only handle so much banana bread.

  3. haha…thanks for the laugh! and don’t worry…someone else’s freezer looks like too, just about half that many bananas, because that is one of my favorite snacks :)

  4. yikes, that is a lot of bananas…they had to have taken up a lot of room in the freezer. what are you going to do with all of the room now?

    i wouldn’t pass up banana bread either 😉

    • Well, currently, they are still holding the freezer hostage but I’ll be getting my bake on soon and your fam will have to help me out by taking a loaf home!

  5. Let me get this straight…you’re going to make me super yummy coffee & feed me banana bread as a way to help you out? Sign me up!!!! :-)

    • YES. We need you. Pick up Griffiths on your way over and tell Connie to meet up with us too! We’ll eat, drink and be merry.

  6. So, did SIL find any frozen pumpkins in the freezer? Because you know how I like pumpkin bread. I am glad you are both good cooks. You certainly didn’t inherit that talent from me. lv mamap

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