Raves and Faves: MARCH

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of March loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Saint Patty’s Day.  I’d love to drone on about what a wild and raucous time we had…but in all actuality, the only thing we did is sport some green attire (Hubs is 1/4 Irish!) and then I headed into the office to eat green pancakes for breakfast.  That was it.  Oh, and we posed for a pathetic self timer picture.

Next year, we might change things up by doing something fun like normal people.

2.  I’ve been totally digging this song ever since Hubs put it on a cd for me.  But, the video is even sweeter.  Grab yourself a drink and enjoy this killer breakup song.  Adele, you know you have my heart and soul!

3.  The SUNSHINE.  Although it had a tenancy to bail on the Spring party unexpectedly (like my first prom date), Captain Sunshine is still, duh, Winning!

4.  March Madness!  Obviously.  Oh, you know I paid absolutely no attention.  Maybe I will next year?

5.  Spring cleaning with Craig’s fancy list.  I’ve been using Craig to help find my goodies a new home  and me a *kinda* thicker wallet.  I know this is a sin against sentimentality but I even posted my wedding dress on it for $80.  No takers yet…

Speaking of, this is another perfect opportunity to show off more of my wedding pictures.  I love it when that happens.

*sigh*  Ok, what number are we on??

6.  My Half Marathon Ladies.  I’m teaching a half marathon training class and I’ve been blessed with a great group of runner chicks.  They had no idea I’d be whipping out my camera on the first night but they all came back for the second week of class so I am assuming my antics were only slightly traumatizing.

7.  These.  Which pair is your favorite?


March melted away to let April showers trickle in.  Oh Captain (Sunshine), my Captain (Sunshine)!

19 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: MARCH

  1. For #4, you didn’t even participate, but I think you still beat my bracket! Oh, and my vote is for the pointy shoes (and Captain Sunshine, whose slaying of O.M.W. paved the way to wear them)

  2. Yay for Captain Sunshine! He should win every time. I like the black shoes better only because pointy shoes make my toes hurt. Have a good day :)

  3. what? your wedding dress on craig’s list. I want to buy it for you….i’m sentimental for you for your dress ;-( that is one of those things I have no idea why but I want to keep it for you, I’ll give you free storage 😉

    my vote is for the black flowery shoes ;D

    • That’s two votes for the black shoes and 2 for the animal print ones – a close race! If I can’t sell the dress, I need to get Emily to do up a Trash Your Dress photoshoot!

  4. oh, forgot to tell you that I didn’t realize it was St. patty’s day til about 2:30 that day….sigh..perhaps we should celebrate next year together…I didn’t even wear green!

    • Let’s start planning now so next year’s event doesn’t pass us by. Every year it sneaks up on me and then I feel “The Guilt” because it’s part of Hubs heritage!

    • I know, Hubs has a way of melting my heart with his sweet mixed tapes! Rolling in the Deep is the perfect morning rock out song – you can move to the beat (as far as the seatbelt will let you) and sing til you’re hoarse, making that swig of coffee all the more soothing!

  5. i love the list and the pictures. Uncle Alan had to explain March Madness to me. I thought it was a Rabbit thing. I love both pair of shoes. Thank Goodness we have the same size foot – and “sigh” that is all we have in body common. “ROAR” right back at you. Pederson women are known exotics. ::)) Who is Captain Sunshine? Sell the dress. The new generation will have dresses that have lights in it or colors that swirl through it — wouldn’t that be cool? Love mamap

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