A respite from being Boring

Hello friends!  The Hubs and I jetted off on a little vacation away from our regular lives.  It’s a spring break of sorts because we needed to do something to crack my shameful reality TV addiction.

Can you guess where we are?

We journeyed westward to Colorado!

Here is our loose agenda:

  • Visit friends.
  • Pet the mountains.
  • Eat outrageous amounts of food.

So far, so good…  I’ll have to bore you with the details when I get home.

Until then, happy trails.

16 thoughts on “A respite from being Boring

  1. Candace is on a group run with Lululemon right now (shoot, I hope I’m not spoiling any future blog posts), so I snuck away for a little computer time at a coffee shop.

    We’re having a blast, and a much needed break from the daily grind! I’m pretty sure more pictures and commentary are coming, from someone more eloquent (and better looking) than myself :)

    • I made little runner friends tonight! *claps* They had cute clothes. I need to talk to the Hubs about a significant cute workout clothes overhaul. Stay tuned…

      • This is the one reason that I hate working out at the Edina LA Fitness. I went to a class the other night (Body Works is an arse kicker) and I was the only one wearing a tshirt with my yoga pants (my We Got The Runs kickball tshirt from last season mind you)….I wanted the floor to open and eat me and non-cool shirt. I guess I need to take out a loan so I can outfit myself in cute clothes when I work out. Ugh.

        • But, We’ve Got the Runs is pretty awesome. I may have gotten a little bday surprise while I was on vaca (who am I kidding, I picked it out) but isn’t it kind of a catch 22 – we workout so we can look cute in clothes but in order to workout, we need cute clothes?

  2. I am jealous!!! Have a great time C&Z. I can’t wait to see the pictorial vacation blog! Nonsense SIL, You are very good-looking!!! I miss the mountains. love mamap

  3. holy smokes! you two sure are adventurous, hope you are having a great time…bring the sunshine back with you as I hear rain/snow in our forecast again

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