Flashback Friday

Since it’s my engagement anniversary (kinda), I thought I’d post a picture from that special night.  Moments after the proposal…

Can you believe THAT was the picture we took to immortalize the moment we took our relationship to the next level?

Our friends helped cement this memory by posing for a super supportive picture at our engagement party.

And so ends another Flashback Friday (just in the neck of time) bringing us that much closer to the weekend.  Be good!

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Too cute! And, PS – I have the same problem with trying to get a new brown hair look. We must stay blonde, my friend. Happy Weekend!

    • I agree, blondes we shall be! I do love brown hair – it’s so rich and yummy but does NOT work with my pallid splotchy skin tone!

  2. happy engagement day! woo hoo

    where has the time gone…I still feel young but that was years ago…my skin looks so nice, can’t believe what a few kids and years can do to my face 😉

    i’m going to need the crank neck from hear on out as well 😉 once you crane it, there is no going back

  3. Looks like the whole group of you is up to no good. Even little Makayla ::)) I like your hair short and brown. It is good to have hair since it keeps your head warm. Happy weekend.
    love mamap

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