Eating Ourselves Stupid: A Quickie Tour of Colorado

When Hubs and I skipped over the prairies and headed to mountain country, we had a loose agenda.  This cut and paste will jog your memory (whether you’ve tried to forget or not):

  • Visit friends.
  • Pet the mountains.
  • Eat outrageous amounts of food.

But you can’t skip around town without a rental car.  So we “picked” one out.  Raise your hand if you think it looks like a booger.

At least it was easy to find in the parking lot.  Can you spot it??

Anyway, back to our agenda.

Visit friends.

I have this gorgeous red-headed friend that moved away from me (a concerning common occurrence) and so we set out to see her face again.  We sweet talked her into making us a grand homemade meal in exchange for keeping her company and ‘entertaining’ her with boring stories of our lives.  Can you believe she fell for it?  Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s taking cooking classes in her spare time and wanted to show off her newly honed fancy skills.  Yes, please!

Pet the mountains.

Surely we petted!  See?

And more petting.

And, finally…

Eat outrageous amounts of food.

Stop.  You’d better grab that month old granola bar squished at the bottom of your purse and snarf it down, because you will be hungry (and irritable) if you keep going.

Once we got our snot rocket, we drove straight to a little diner (Jimmy & Drews) for lunch.  We enjoyed the Jimmy’s Favorite, which we heard about while watching the Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate.  What perfect timing for our trip!  It was goooood.  Wanna know what it was made of?  It was a potato latke (potato pancakes) Reuben sandwich that housed loads of corned beef, Thousand Island, sauerkraut and melted Swiss (I got mine switched to Provolone).  My crazy eyes say it all.

That night, for dinner, we were wined and dined by Kari (The Friend That Moved Away, see above).  She whipped us up some foodie magic.  Here was the menu:

A real gin martini!, mixed green salad, steamed broccoli, chicken masala, and frozen chocolate coconut milk mousse on an almond meringue crust.  It was divine.  I spent all of my time eating instead taking any pictures, my bad.

The next morning, we hit up The Laughing Goat Coffee House where we split a veggie breakfast bagel (an Asiago bagel with red onion, avocado, veggie cream cheese, cucumber, and tomato) and apple coffee cake.  Hubs sipped on some black coffee (eew) and my caffeinated masterpiece was a thumbs up:

Much to my delight, lunch came a few hours later (it’s always pretty predictable like that in my world) and we hit up this gem:

Falafel King served us up some amazing gyros and, not to disappoint, a basket of Falafel.   We are very loyal subjects!

I don’t think it was a total coincidence that Ben & Jerry’s decided to host “Free Cone Day” while we were there.  Ben, Jerry and I go way back to my intern days in Vermont (Ben and Jerry’s birthplace) so I’m pretty sure Free Cone Day was in celebration of me.  Check out my form and I doubt you’d disagree.

Hubs slurped on Bonnaroo Buzz (coffee & malt ice creams with toffee chunks & a whiskey caramel swirl) while I chose the Late Night Snack with Jimmy Fallon (vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl & fudge covered potato chip clusters).

Don’t worry, mine was the best one.

For dinner, after our afternoon of shopping (more on that some other time), we kicked it old pub style.  It was called Southern Sun Pub and Brewery but they don’t understand the Internet and have no web page.  Hubs picked out an espresso infused (!!) beer, which was served in a classy wine glass.  Then, we split the Date Night Burger, a juicy burger with a special twist:  date puree, goat cheese, bacon, and roasted poplano peppers (served with phenomenal hand cut french fries).  Holler.

Are you hungry yet?  We’re not done so hang on.

For breakfast on our last day, we settled in at The Southside Walnut Cafe (cute name, no?) and shared french toast, the yummy loaded omelette (the Southside Special), a BLUEBERRY cornbread muffin and a side of their lukewarm breakfast potatoes (I was not a fan).  Hubs ordered coffee and every once in a while I’d take a teeny tiny sip.  Also, the waitress would check back with us every once in a while and somehow my sipping and her checking were on the exact same schedule.  I know secretly she suppressed the urge to write on the bill to BUY YOUR OWN DANG CUP OF COFFEE INSTEAD OF MOOCHING OFF THE FREE REFILLS, MISS EL CHEAPO.  But, I digress.

We squeezed in our last meal before heading back to the airport to catch our flight home.  We ordered the Spicy Baja Burger and Smash Fries (they have rosemary on them, how fancy!) from Smash Burger and it hit the spot.

*Updated with photo because I’m an idiot and forgot the first time around.

We hearted it.

The greatest thing of all is that I’m like a lot of your elderly friends and family because I prefer to eat all of my meals early.  And THAT means, no waiting in line!  Ever!  I’m awesome.  Hubs thinks so too, kinda.

Now, we are back to reality.  Which means we are back to the dreaded Salad Challenge.  Wish me luck.

24 thoughts on “Eating Ourselves Stupid: A Quickie Tour of Colorado

    • Ugh, the sacrifices we have to make for a pretty white dress! Keep up the good work – it’ll be worth is when you do the Running Man down the aisle. :)

  1. that sounds like the most delicious vacation ever! I am going to have to eat lunch early now and possibly make something fancy for dinner to make up for not being able to go on vacation myself…and the snow falling outside my window…again…perhaps I will drag out the George Foreman and try to re-create that tasty burger and try to think spring!

  2. That date burger sounds divine! I could easily scarf that thing down while enjoying that espresso infused beer. That in itself would be worth a trip to Colorado if I could find the time and money.

  3. Sounds like an amazing trip! Maybe next time you’ll rediscover Vermont, land of cows, locally made cheese, wine, and ice cream? Ben & Jerry are waiting… ~Vicky

  4. After coming back from our bonanza of binge, these drab salads are especially hard to take. I’m ready for another Date Night Burger!

  5. oh my goodness…after reading that I actually feel stuffed for you. Seriously, how do you eat like that AND keep that stellar bod. If I were to do what you guys did, I surely would come home 15 pounds heavier. You kill me…I wish I could eat anything and still look like you do. AMAZIN’

    The trip sounds like it was a blast…..hilarious write up and you got me to stay up way past my bedtime. Now I think I’m going to dream about beef, cheese, and ice cream — the foods that make my tummy bulge over my pants!

    • Ooooh, those are the foods that dreams are made of!
      A stellar bod!? I’ve got to bookmark this for future “If you feel like crap, read this” reference!! Thank you, this is what nice friends are supposed to say.

  6. Good work eating and vacationing! You deserve a toast and another date night burger! And, I like how you guys split things…an excellent technique to get to eat MORE things!!! 😉

    • Did someone say Date Night again?

      Good call, Hubs and I like to split most of our meals! It’s kind on our food comas and bank account.

  7. omg SIL and twin…what a gorgeous trip. i love the pictures of the food. i am salivating. i can’t wait to try one of those potato latke reubens – a taste of heaven. maybe you can make one for our next brunch-lunch thang! just a suggestion. what a fun photo journey. love it. you are the best love mamap

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