A birthday soiree

A handful of years ago (32, in fact)…(years, not handfuls), I made a very flashy entrance into the world (playing the tambourine and doing high kicks) and since then the anniversary of this lofty occasion has been one for celebrating.  Even though E.Bunny and Dr. J tried to snag my birthday thunder and it SNOWED a few days earlier, we still kicked up our heels and did it up right.  Wanna know what we did?

I understand, but let’s take a look anyway.

The Events

Thursday night RUN

A while back, I had blabbed to my half marathon runner girls that my birthday coincided with Easter Sunday (a shameless plug, I tell ya).  One of them remembered and brought cupcakes to our Thursday night class to celebrate!  We totally smashed our faces with them after our hill workout.  It was awesome.

Am I spoiled or what?

Friday morning CINNABUN (kinda)

I requested the Hubs take me out for a birthday breakfast since we would be kicking it with family for Easter weekend.  He obliged and on our way out, he surprised me with springy flowers and a homemade card…(isn’t he sweet?)

He also promised to pamper me with a vanilla latte and a caramel roll from Dunn Brothers.  Turns out, they only do caramel rolls on the weekend (phooey) so I settled for a sub par cinnamon roll.  But it sure was nice to cozy up with some warm coffee and my Mr. The Candace.

It was also Earth day so we brought in our own mugs (and got a dollar off) and used a gift card from Christmas so the birthday breakfast bash was FREE.  Good thing, because my list of other birthday wants was a very tall order…(see below).

Unfortunately, we both had to head to work afterward but it was real sweet while it lasted.

Sun(ny)day  FUN

On my actual birthday (Easter), we headed to my family’s house.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent it outside – playing frisbee and the egg toss!  I don’t know if it was a birthday omen or what, but my bro and I pulled out the big (T)WIN on the egg toss.  Here, our soft egg catching hands:

(one of us is fibbing about our age…)

And, of course there was cake…

The Birthday Loot

  • Upcycled Brown Mittens from Mamap!  Oooh, you have no idea how pumped I am about these!

  • A lovely bag of eco-friendly soaps and scrubs!  My favorite is the red clover tea and the lip gloss…YUMMERS.
  • Two running tank tops
  • A generous gift card to the Running Room so I can scoop up a jacket I’ve had my coveting eyes on for a good long while.
  • Birthday mail – it’s the best!


A Garmin GPS running watch!!  Maybe this will encourage me to get out and run instead of watching Food Network?  Hard to say but I am hoping for the best.

The Calories

Besides my green cupcakes, a birthday breakfast, and the general Easter fanfare, my MIL made a special Strawberry Layered Pound Cake for me!


So there you have it.  It was fun.  Can’t wait until next year, I’ve already been working on a new birthday wish list.

Let them eat cake,

the Birthday Princess

14 thoughts on “A birthday soiree

  1. Many more happy birthdays to The Candace! It looked like quite the blogworthy day. 😉 I enjoy seeing pictures of places I used to hang out at. My last apartment in your city was just up the road from that Dunn Bros you got that sub par cinnamon roll from….if its the DB I am thinking of.

  2. Even though she lost some of the spotlight due to the whole Easter thing, it was a birthday to remember, and hopefully it was still special.

    Here’s to many more birthday cinnamon rolls!

  3. This is late but we hope that this is a start to a wonderful year for you! I wish we could have been there for the celebration with the family. Miss you all!

  4. Glad to see your bday was rockin’…and that you were willing to share the fun. You’re so cool like that. happy birthday and new year of adventure!

  5. Whew! Thank goodness someone you love (other than me) bought you the GARMIN watch!! Just kidding. I need to see your list again to see what else I can provide. I love shopping for my special girl child. That cake looks marvelous, Betsy. Woo Hoo. If you are 30 and Levi is 32, what age am I? love mamap

    • You totally spoil me, MamaP! I’m lucky to have you (and I’m lucky to be this old and still receiving bday presents).

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