Flashback Friday the 13th

I have the very sweet honor of being a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding this summer.  I picked up the dress yesterday afternoon and just the whiff of Davids Bridal taffeta-laced air prompted a quick trip down Bridesmaid Memory Lane.

Photo credit:  La Vie Photography

How cool to have the Minneapolis skyline as a backdrop?  This was taken at my friend Mary’s beautiful winter wedding in 2008. You can’t fight it, there just is something about a wrap and a long heavy dress that brings out a little bit of Princess in all of us, you know?

But, I kid you not, shortly after Mary’s big day,  I went to see the movie 27 Dresses.  And what dress did I spy (squint past the wonky collar)???

27 Dresses link here.

I know!  It still cracks me up.

Will you take a detour down your Bridesmaid Memory Lane before we hem up this week and expose the weekend?

10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday the 13th

  1. I can’t see the skyline, but it could be that I am just too short. Emily, I love long words. You rock. Did I tell you that Candace once looked like Woodstock? Look what she turned in to once she grew up. I am waiting to “turn” but since I am almost 61, I am getting rather impatient. I heard Harmon Kilebrew is dying of throat cancer. He is only 74. He is one of Minnesota heroes. Have a grand weekend. lv mamap

    • And who woulda thought that your little red haired cranky pumpkin patch baby would grow up to be a a running nose blonde (with the help of highlights) lilac satin rockin’ bridesmaid?

  2. oh, how funny is that?!? You can find my bridesmaid day on miss emily’s blog somewhere, from my sister’s wedding last July if you would really like too…that’s my only experience :) Happy Friday…

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