Spring Must-Haves

So, we were kinda robbed of spring.  The pendulum keeps swinging from windy and miserable to a muggy almost-90-degrees back to crap weather again.  Totally not fair.   But, still, I’m going to post about what I need for Spring, even though it gave up waiting for us to enjoy it.

1. Sunscreen.  It’s only taken me 32 years but I think I might have this kinda figured out.  In the Spring, I am so excited to welcome the sun on my pale ruddy skin that I usually endure some sort of burn (not cool) before I snap back to reality.  And since I rock a perpetual Norwegian tan (you know what that means), I always seem to get burned when I least expect it.  Like when you grab coffee with a girlfriend and it happens to be kinda decent outside – so you just plop yourself down at the bistro out front underneath the shadow casting Caribou Coffee sign and start rehashing the latest Idol drama and before you know it – the tops of your feet are basically on fire (but not your toes because you’re wearing flats) and you have a pale (but jovial) caribou prancing along the very uncomfortably pink side of your forearm.

Now, I pack sunscreen in my purse.  That way, if a spontaneous coffee date happens – I am ready.  Any takers?  Hello?

2.  A few light weight cardigans (especially love those 3/4 sleeves).  They are perfect for layering and shielding those squishy arms from the horror of tank tops for just a little while longer.  A must-have!  I think I need a red clay-ish/coral-ly one but not your senior citizen coral, mind you.  I picked up a few blue ones after Christmas ($12 bucks each) and I’m excited to finally get more use out of them now that hypothermia isn’t a concern as much anymore.

3.  I know I already own it but dusting off the old bike and (accepting the consequential helmet hair) is another Spring must-have.  I hope I still remember how to ride it because it’s been an awfully long winter.

4.   I’ve been wanting to add some nautical to my life  – being that it’s ever so popular right now.  Bring on the navy striped boyfriend tanks – especially paired with some kelly green which is already a fav color of mine.  Ooor paired with that red clay-ish cardi from above??

Tank from ae.com

5. Big filigree earrings.  They are a goes-with-everything accessory for fancying up a sundress to blinging out your favorite t-shirt.  I’ve spotted the perfect (read: cheap) pair at Charlotte Ruesse.  They will be mine…!

Earrings link here.

6.  PLANTS.  For Easter, my MIL got us each a potted herb to take home (a great idea!) so those are happily sitting on our patio.  The greenery fills me with glee and really is the signature Spring must-have!

*Updated with a photo, just because

Tell me, what puts a Spring in your step?

13 thoughts on “Spring Must-Haves

  1. My top spring must-have: evening walks! It’s such a relief to get out of the house and enjoy the wind rain snow sun again, while keeping in mind must-have #1.

  2. Plants are my favorite spring must have. I just dropped an obnoxious amount of money this morning at Home Depot and Cub Foods for some pretties for our patio. I am even hoping to produce a few tomatoes in containers this year. Keep them all in your prayers. They will definitely need devine intervention if there is any hope of them surviving.

  3. love those earrings! putting them on my list of must-haves! and of course everyone must also have plants and 3/4 sleeved cardigans, because we must be clothed in nature! haha 😉

  4. Love plants. I will buy them when I return from Texas. I have been wearing socks with sandals because of the mercurial weather. Thank God I am older because nobody seems grossed out. Those earrings look like the ones you wore at your wedding. I am tanning in anticipation of the Texas foray and I look like a boiled beet. I hope it leans more towards boiled russett potato by Thurs morn. Everybody keep us posted on the growing plants. I enjoy the chats. love mamap

  5. LOVE the plants!! I can’t wait to plant some herbs again and have some yummy pesto again this summer!
    Also love the land-locked-nautical look and I agree, pair it with a coral cardigan :-)

    • Pesto!! I remember making it that day with you. Rather, I remember semi-amusing you with stupid stories and then, in return, I got to take home three tuperwares of the stuff. It was awesome.
      Zack: Tai said I could buy a coral cardigan! You can’t deny that kind of instruction!

  6. Add Farmer’s Market to the list. It’s just around the corner now that Captain Sunshine has finally prevailed.

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