Can I get a Do Over?

Ok.  So, every day you learn things.  Well, generally speaking so don’t worry if last Monday was a total wash.  But don’t you kind of wish you could sneak back in time with some of those learned thingys stashed safely in your sock for easy referencing (only because jeggings have faux pockets, obviously) so you can save yourself the impending mistake or snafu or embarrassment?  Don’t you wish you got a couple complimentary Do Overs?

That’s why I decided to write this post.  I wanted to think back to different stages of my life and explore what I would Do Over if I had the chance.  There are LOTS of things I would Do Over.  Big, little, cringe worthy, eye roll worthy, blush worthy, why-did-I-say that worthy and everything in between.  So I drafted up this post as a placeholder, to revisit when I had put more thought into digging up a really juicy story to tell you.  Then, I checked Facebook (the perfect procrastination tool) and I saw this video my friend had posted.  Take a gander.

Dear 16 year old me

It rocked me.  More than anything I really wish I could Do Over my mismanagement of the sun.  I’m terrified thinking back on all of my carelessness, and let’s be honest, mostly purposeful disregard when it came to protecting my skin.  But, all I can do is change what I do from TODAY on and warn everyone I know to do the same.

WEAR SUNSCREEN, my friends, please!

15 thoughts on “Can I get a Do Over?

  1. That video is powerful, because I feel the exact same regret about not properly respecting the sun when I was younger. What a bonehead I was!

    But now I’ve got a good wife that encourages me to put on facial moisturizer with SPF 15 every morning. I can’t change the past, but I’ll definitely improve for the future.

  2. That was a very moving video. I also worry about my complete disregard for sun protection as a teenager. I’m proud to say that now I don’t care how pasty white my legs are I wear sunscreen and don’t ‘lay out’ to get a nice tan. Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. Honey, you’ll be just fine. So will all my co-bloggers. ::)) Listen to what the doctor said and about certain physical tendencies. Breathe and live each day filled with your special love and joy. We can’t know everything and we can’t always fix the teenage brain. Hugs and kisses lv mamap

    • I’m hoping that it’s better late than never to make changes and protect myself. Hugs and kisses right back!

    • Yes, please join the club! Bring a big hat (and maybe wine, because every good club should drink wine?) so we can wear them to our round table discussions.

  4. Amen! Having lost a sister from melanoma and having a melanoma scare myself, I second your plea to wear sunscreen!


    • Wendy, my heart aches for you about the loss of your sister and your recent scare. Us pale ladies need to be particularly diligent! After seeing this video I went to the doctor to get checked out. I have to go back for a follow up procedure, so I am glad I went in – it’s no joke. Sunscreen is the new skinny! :)

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