Flashback Friday

A blow up slide.  Come on, admit it.  Secretly you wanted to push those little twerp kids out of the way and take a few rides down too.  But you were afraid of what people might think.  Not me.

Greek fest, summer 2009.  No baklava was hurt during the making of this photo.

11 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. do you ever wonder what kind of creepers are out there, silently following your blogginations? yeah, i wouldn’t worry about it either.

  2. I seriously do not think that this is a Greek thing. You were fooled by it. Greeks wear knee highs with those big fluff balls on them and skirts…men skirts. Very exciting for this Minnesota girl. Plus they dance in circles and nobody in the picture is dancing in a circle. That is settled. lv mamap

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