Get In My Belly: You Say Tomato,

I say just eat it.  This is officially the easiest appetizer in the entire universe.  The entire universe.


  • 1 tomato
  • splash of balsamic vinegar
  • sprinkle of kosher salt


1.  Cut the tomato into bite sized cubes.  Add a sprinkle of salt and a splash of balsamic vinegar and you, my friends, have an extremely spiffy appetizer in 25 seconds.

You can thank me now (or thank Tai for serving this to me one night which I promptly stole for my own selfish doings).  Oh and also?  Think this counts as a salad?  Please discuss.

19 thoughts on “Get In My Belly: You Say Tomato,

  1. So easy yet so delicious. Props to Tai for exposing us to this simple delight.

    But… no green, no salad! Nice try.

  2. Ooh you should consider adding basil and mozzarella. Of course then it would only be the second easiest appetizer in the universe, but the tasty factor does bump up quite a bit. :) Plus, the basil adds your missing green, and you can consider it a salad. Bam.

    • Good call, I loooove me some Caprese Salad (it even has salad in the name!)! I can’t wait to grow some basil this summer (kinda need to get on that) so I can do that up!

  3. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I just started eating tomatoes a few years ago. Best addition to my diet ever! As for whether this is a a salad….it appears as if the Salad King Nazi has spoken. No salad for you! (I hope you got the Seinfeld pun in there. I am not really calling Zack a Nazi) Does this mean that pasta salads don’t count either then? My salad count might be significantly lower if so….

    • Me too – I just starting liking raw tomatoes a few years back. I’ve been missing out! Oh how I love pasta salad but Hubs won’t let that swing either. Or fruit salad. Or egg salad. Or taco salad. Sad.

      • that’s just wrong, those are the best kinds of salads…boo on Hubs…and now my salad count for the year has been seriously depleted…oh dear…

  4. Yea for easy appetizers! Although now no one will believe that I slaved all day in the kitchen preparing said appetizer. :-) hehee

  5. YUM for tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. I drink Balsamic out of the bottle. (don’t tell Candace) I think a basil leaf or two would turn this into a salad. YAY! Now I am up to at least 4.75 salads since January. Keep up the good work mamap. (I am my best audience and supporter ::))) lv mamap

    • 4.75 is stellar progress, my Mum. Another idea, drinking red wine vinegar straight out of the bottle because it’s wine after all! Kinda? I must get that from you because I am *also* my best audience and supporter. Somebody has to do it.

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