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You’ve probably forgotten (because you never intended to remember anyway) but way back when, in 2010, we decided to pass up on Christmas gifts to each and opt for a few nerdy dates instead.  As you (don’t) recall, Hubs chose these dates and I chose these ones.  Luckily for the Hubs, he had a very swell time with the love of his life and luckily for me, I got to buy a big present for myself with the money we saved and claim it was for both of us.  A very clever soul I am.  You wanna know what present I surprised myself with?

A new camera.

Isn’t she sparkly?

She’s a Nikon D3100 which is a just complicated way of saying that she is much smarter than the average penguin.

And yes, I do recognize the fairly ironic fact that I took a picture of my new camera with my old one.  I haven’t figured out how to turn the bugger on yet but I’m still trying to stay positive.  Any encouraging words would be helpful.

25 thoughts on “Shoot me now

  1. My suggestion would have been to ask a great photographer, whom you are friends with. I believe she probably would have some GREAT advise. Congrats on your new addition. Anxious to see what kind of pics she takes.

  2. she’s so cute! congrats! and only if you knew someone that was a professional that could help you figure out all of those neat features…good luck with that…looking forward to your first photo shoot!

    • yes, if only I knew of someone that would take homemade banana bread for “how to turn it on advice” bribes??

  3. Even though I can’t work the camera, I will take any bribes. I am also known for reading the directions aloud in an astonishingly monotone voice if you would like to go in that direction. I never met an electronic piece that I could figure out without help. Sorry. lv mamap

    • I know, what would we have done without Levi’s electronic prowess? I’d probably *just* be learning about this whole fad called The Internets.

  4. woo hoo…what a nice surprise!!! I can’t wait to be on the opposite end of that baby as it looks like she will be able to erase my lines and brighten me up 😉 ahh…I feel better already!

  5. Similar to mine Candace, you’ll love the camera and its features. I’m really amazed at the color rendition these Nikons provide. EG will be a great resource for you but if I have only 1 suggestion to make, shoot LOTS and lots of pics of any particular subject you want a pic of. Change settings, or leave fully auto..and keep only the good ones, ditch the bad or you will surface, about a year from now, in a sea of digital so-so images. It’s easy to keep them all..the good, the bad and the ugly :)

    • Good advice, Frank! I think you are right, picture pruning (and lots of practice) will be key…otherwise it can easily overwhelm you!

  6. Gonna admit…I am slightly (ok, a lot) jealous of all these fancy cameras my bloggy friends are getting. I think I need to go update our wedding registry. I am sure at least one of our wedding guests loves us enough to gift us a Nikon. 😉 Looking forward to some nice, sharp images on your blog. Strike a pose. And VOGUE!

  7. I need a button. Or at least a gold lame pointed top. TEE HEE Frank is right. Cull the bad pictures of Mama P. I will not have tousands of bad pics floating around the internet. Can’t wait to see the camera on Sunday. Find the other piece. Lv mamap

    • If you sport a gold la-me pointed top, I will be forced to take thousands of pics and float them around The Internets. Can’t wait for my cheer squad (you and the Hubs) on Sunday either.

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