A Grand Adventure

Some more slightly interesting news.

You see, we’ve been scheming some major changes around here.  And now it’s official, we are embarking on a grand adventure.  At least, we hope it will be grand.  Think U-haul grand.  (Actually, think Penske trucks grand because they were cheaper).  Think packing up our wee little lives and moving to the mountains of Colorado *on FRIDAY* grand.  Think completely reinventing ourselves grand.  Think 100 grand (so sorry, PMSin’, please disregard).

We sold the house.  I quit my job.  Our life is currently residing in a messy and unstable Jenga stack of produce boxes stolen from random grocery stores and we are trying to squeeze in our long Minnesota goodbyes with minimal snot flinging and ugly cries (so far, fairly unsuccessful).  It has been one crazy ride already and we’ve just begun!

As I sit here on the floor of my first home eating trail mix for dinner (letting my cellulite fill in the carpet craters left by the monster dining room table we sold off on Craigslist), I am worried about something.  I guess I’m worried about this whole goodbye-and-starting-over-business.

So, bloggy friends, will you come along with me on our grand adventure and see how this all plays out?  Will you lend me excited high fives and encouraging nudges into the Scary Unknown?

Will you, pretty please?

Smell You Later

I have slightly interesting news.

This has been in the works for a while now, but at the end of the week I will be saying Sayonara to my engineering job.  That’s right, I resigned.  I’m planning on skipping off into the sunset to pursue new dreams and possibly a celebratory waffle cone from Coldstone (the Like It size, not the Love It.  I’ve made that mistake six too many times).

It’s been almost nine years since I stumbled through the front doors and they slapped a badge on me (with my name misspelled and possibly the worst picture imaginable).  I’ll leave with some extremely fond memories…and a smattering of not so fond ones but isn’t that the nature of work?  I met my husband here.  I met a wonderful group of friends here.  I teamed with many brilliant and kind people here.  I have learned so much from so many and I’m *sincerely* thankful for the experiences these last nine years have afforded me.  I am a better person because of them.

Even though I’ll be off exploring new notions, I have an inkling that people will really miss me around the office.  They’ll miss my impact, my influence.  I mean, do they honestly think the half drunk liters of Diet Coke from our department outing (last summer) and the Ranch dressing an intern (back when we had interns, in 2006) casually left in our community fridge just magically gets dumped out and recycled on their own??  How about that moldy Tupperware that nobody claimed??  The frozen dinner that expired before I had even graduated from college?  And the bottle of Vitamin water that is most likely regenerating new mutant vitamins?  (DON’T even get me started on the disgusting microwave.  It would make beefy frat boys shiver and I refuse to spend any more time cleaning out other people’s lunch crud.)

They don’t know it yet, but when that stuff starts to pile up again, people will really wish I didn’t say “Smell you later!”.

At least, I hope so a little bit.

Wish me luck on finding a new job.  Hopefully someone will overlook my inability to get my hair highlighted on a reasonable schedule and hire me.


Get In My Belly: In the BUFF(alo)

I got in the buff the other day and didn’t look back.  Here is my story.


  • 2 cans of chunk chicken, drained
  • 2 blocks of softened cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup of Franks Red Hot sauce
  • 1 cup of Ranch dressing
  • 1 1/2 cups of shredded chedder cheese

Urban legend has it that you can substitute in some lower calorie ingredients.  Recipe stolen with love and salivation from Mckenzie.


1. Dump canned chicken and Frank’s hot sauce into a pan and heat through.

2. Add softened cream cheese (yeah right, like I think ahead enough to soften anything.  Except, now that I think about it, the backs of my arms are always rather soft so do I get credit for that?).   Anyway, heat through.

3. Add Ranch, continue to heat through.

4. Add cheese, heat through until bubbly (do you notice a pattern?).  If you drool accidentally into the pan, who is gonna know?

5.  Transfer to a crock pot to keep warm – serve with celery or tortilla chips.  Ta Da, you have yourself a mean batch of Buffalo Chicken Cheese dip.  Your friends will like it and think you are more talented than you actually are.

My BoB LOGlaw

Exactly a year ago, I joined the club of annoying oversharers and started a blog.  Some would say (only me, actually) that the dawn of my internet drivel has been quite the fun ride (oh and also? a complete time suck).  I hope to keep this writing experiment up because it gives me a “creative” outlet and the Hubs some much needed quiet time.  This blog also forces me to be better at documenting our hum drum days with photos (which later I try and  fancy up into something exciting).  So, at least that’s a nice perk.

Let’s talk some blog stats shall we now that this miscreant is officially a toddler?

Number of posts published:

Including this one, 166 posts.  Be afraid, more coming.

Number of total comments:

2009.  The year I was married, coincidentally.

Most hits on a post:

The post when I confessed to you about my girl crush on Emily Griffith and her crazy awesome photos. A far second was my Christmas “decorating” disappointment post, Shiny Things.

The post that generated the most comments (keep in mind, half of them are usually mine…):

This post.  It’s about one of the Hub’s hobbies (besides being an adoring fan of his wife for life).  It had a whopping 35 comments, which is substantially more than any other post I’ve written.  You think Hubs is more interesting, point noted.

Strangest place to take a peek into thecandace’s world:

Isle of Man.  Raise your hand if you knew this place existed.  My 8th grade Geography Student of the Year knowledge failed me (a big surprise, right?) but you can read about it here.  Also, the Isle of Man-arian never showed their face again after their first jaunt on over here, they seemed to have been (understandably) scared off.

Google searches that led people to the little ol’ thecandace.com (what is wrong with you people?)

1.  “thecandace.com”  –> hate to be an Obvious Oliver but you could avoid the Google middle man and just type that into a browser instead.  It’s a straight shot.

2. “captain candace” –> you know I’m a fan of this.

3.  “carrots”  –> wha?

4.  “candace coffee”  –> think this should be trademarked for my own protection?

5.  “cute running snot rags” –> apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this is a brilliant idea.

6.  “I have coconut milk, mandarin oranges and chicken, what can I make?”   –>  I don’t know, I’d drink the coconut milk plain and call it a day.

7.  “I’m married but have a crush on photography”  –> maybe try counseling??

8.  “trying to get my life together where to start” –>  aren’t we all…aren’t we all…

9. “oven cleaning big mama” –>  umm, ok?

10.” my wife really had a girl crush” –> don’t fret love, it happens to the best of us.

11.  “sappy engagement stories” –>  hey now!

12.  “sweaty women working out”  –> oh my.

13. “where can candace get a salad”  –> somebody really Googled this, no lie.

14. “what dose candace people eat”  –>  If I start eating people in any size doses, please call a specialist.  Or, if there is a colony of candace people that enjoy eating, why the hell didn’t they extend an invite?

Cheers to another year?

Holy Moley

Remember this post?  I know, you don’t want to think about it again.  I hate to get all Serious Sally on you but you should think about it again.

I made good on my promise to take better care of my largest organ and went in to get checked out by a doctor.  Just for some piece of mind, you know?

Except, what you don’t know (until now), is that she found a few suspicious moles that she wasn’t very keen on.  So she removed them for me, just for some more piece of mind, you know?

Except, what you don’t know (until now), is that the pathology tests on those moles came back not too cool and so the doctor lady had me come in a second time to remove even more area around those old moles (requiring two sets of very owie stitches).  Basically, she hacked me open and it kinda hurt (so sorry if you were eating lunch).

The tests are still out but I think she got everything.  No, it was *not* skin cancer.  YET.  But, it’s not a chance worth risking and I am so thankful I decided to go in to get it taken care of.

How about you suck it up and finally get checked out yourself?  Just for some piece of mind?


I Sold You So

Remember when I told you about my favorites of May?  Well, I forgot to mention something.

That something being (no, not my inventive hair part but)…SELLING our house!!

Here we are, moments after signing the paperwork, with our realtor Dustin.  My enthusiasm was a tad overwhelming for the poor guy but he was a good sport during the self timer pics and even mustered up a “Woohoo!” to humor me.

I’m not sure if it will be turned into a historic house (after all, this is the humble beginnings of thecandace.com) or if it’ll just be just someone’s home sweet home but regardless, we are now stripped of all home ownership.  We are so totally house naked!


After almost a year of being on and off the market, this house selling roller coaster (specifically the ones where you get sick on afterward) has finally come to rest.  Phew.  One day, if you’re waiting in line somewhere and your phone is low on batteries so you can’t play Angry Birds and are looking for five minutes to kill, we’ll tell you the story of how it all unfolded.  But, what you need to know for now is that we were right smack in the middle of making the most elaborate and aromatic Indian dish on the planet when the surprise showing ambushed us.  As we rushed out in a frenzy, I had to laugh at the horror we were forced to leave behind….until I realized the horror we were forced to leave behind and then I cried.  But, those people bought it anyway!

We have a few weeks to pack up our lives and find a new place.  Hopefully our friends will think back fondly on all of the nice memories we created together because we’ve been banking those just in case we have to move into their basement.  I’ll keep you posted.

We did take a self timer chest bump pic (which takes more coordination than I first anticipated) but it turned out slightly scandalous so I thought I’d spare you.

A la Car(te)

You know about my car.  It’s loaded with a remote start, recycle bin war wounds, lacks proper air conditioner and has a trunk which doesn’t pop open from the inside anymore.  Most importantly, the cd player mostly works and it gets me where I need to go.  In a way, my car is kinda like my face, it’s seen better days but still has some life left, you know?

Anyway.  We sold it.

We are hoping it will encourage me to bike to work more this summer and thus help negate the ludicrous amount of this winter’s/spring’s/my lifetime’s “transgressions”.  And if not, well, at least I’ll have a some extra cash lying around to spend at the mall that I can’t go to anymore because I don’t have a car.

Wait a second, think the Hubs tricked me into this??