Raves and Faves: MAY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of May loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Giving a shout out to those two nice ladies that fired us out of their birth canal (aka Mother’s Day).

Thecandace’s Mom and her kids (and one dashing SIL):

Hub’s Mom and her kids:

2. Much to my cranky calve’s chagrin, coed city league soccer started up this month.  We’ve had a few decent weather days and we’ve had some yucky weather days.  Tis par for spring soccer.  Here are the rockstar ladies I share the field with.  Good soccer players?  You got it.  Good people?  Absolutely.  That’s why I like this team.

3.  I know this is so totally old news but Hubs and I just rented “The Fighter”.  You should too (unless you are approaching your swear word monthly quota, then you might want to hold off until that quota resets).

4.  Memorial Day weekend with Hub’s family.  There was the general face stuffing (Hub’s side of the family makes some mean potluck dishes), hill rolling, rock skipping, and you know, tad pole hunting with our little nephew, Noah.

5.  This song is bangin.  I’m not usually a Miley fan (oh come on, you know I nodded my head like yeah to Party in the USA) but she’s pretty fly in the video.  It’s the theme song for Mob Wives, which I have yet to devote any time to but maybe it’ll be my next reality TV guilty pleasure?  Hard to say because you know So You Think You Can Dance is coming soon.  *heart palpitations*

6.  The Med City Half Marathon.  I already wasted your time telling you about it.

And, finally…

7.  Waking up to sunshine and birds singing.  It’s so cliche.  But, it’s so what I needed after this long winter and very funky spring.

May left to come back another day and all of a sudden, we are half way through 2011.  Let’s get going on summer, shall we?  What’s first on your summer agenda?

19 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: MAY

  1. By the looks of that half-marathon pic, the candace appears to be easily striding down the home stretch for the win. Looking good!

    I would add to the list – return of the Farmer’s Market. Which we have yet to attend in 2011. But my desire to hit it up is enough to bump it into the #8 spot.

    • Hubs, you did a great job of capturing my “lead”! Cropping is a wonderful thing. And good call – I can’t wait to hit up the Farmer’s Market!

  2. We need some more picx for review from that new Nikon D4100 please.. your readers aren’t fussy (well maybe??) so are you ready for a new category called snips snaps and picx? :)

    • Only a single d3100 pic has graced the pages of the blog so far. Can you tell which it is? :)

      We’re still trying to figure out how to use the thing. But you can be certain more are coming!

    • A grand idea! We need to buy a camera bag stat so we aren’t afraid to bring it outside the doors of our house! Can’t wait to experiment more with it. I’m still intimidated but Hubs is a quick study.

  3. I would love a category of snaps and pics and what happened to that one!!! Do a bunch with the zoom on and then a whole bunch of close ups (like flowers grass eyes wallets fingerprints That would be so cool. May was cold. We still had a good time. Weather can’t stop a good time. Words of wisdom lv from mamap

  4. A snaps and pics category or something creative like that would be amazing…you can never have enough amateur photogs in the world and there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to snap fun pictures…a.k.a the Candace’s Antics…which is my pitch for the title of your photo section btw…

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