Meet Me at the Art Center in Your White Dress

Two years ago TODAY, Hubs told me that we ain’t gettin’ no younger so we might as well do it.  I hustled him down the aisle at the art center and although he’s been reconsidering ever since, we’ve managed to flap around still married so that’s pretty cool.

Photo by Emily Griffith Photography

Happy Anniversary to me! I’ll let you know if Hubs gets me any presents and maybe work will kindly give me the day off?

(If you don’t get my title, click here and be ashamed that this hasn’t been in the regular rotation on your iPod until now.)

21 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Art Center in Your White Dress

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding was one of the coolest and funnest (is that a word?) ever! Being able to share in that special day with you & the Hubs & being a witness to the love that you share is truly a beautiful thing :-) Hope you guys have a fun day celebrating the two of you!

  2. I’m a lucky dude to be with the candace, and it’s been such an awesome two years being married!

    I’m hoping if I’m real nice on our anniversary she’ll make me this.

    • Thank you for capturing our day with your amazing talent. We heart our wedding photos and so glad that this little wedding helped us meet two people we are proud to call friends!

  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary to “the candace” and her guy! You had an amazing wedding, and I’m so happy to have been invited. EG did outstanding work with your photos and over time will, I’m sure, share some Nimon secrets with you two. Although, now that EG has been on Twin Cities television (Ch 5), she may get too busy so an appointment might be in order :) And regarding your day off question….if I was still there, you’d get the day off.

    • Frank, you were the best manager I’ve had…wish you were still here!!! I am so thankful you came to our wedding though!

  4. Love the hair. Love the dress. Love the location. Love it. Oh and your photog was pretty sweet sizzle too.

    Question-did you work with Naura at the art center? She is my fabulous wedding coordinator (please don’t judge me too harshly for having one–I explain why in our blog) and we also grew up together. Not sure if she was at the art center 2 years ago or not…

    Happy day to you and Mr. The Candace. :)

    • I didn’t click on the link that reveals the song behind your title. But it’s been in my head for the last hour or so. And I finally got it. Great cut. Now it will be in my head for a while.

      • I think my appropriate reply is you’re welcome? Jagged Edge has a creepy ‘stache but I am willing to overlook it because it’s a classic.

    • You say nice things, thank you. We worked with Emily (a different one from our rockstar photog) from the art center. She casually started cleaning tables off an hour before our shorty reception ended and that encouraged people to leave the party early (which was sad). Oh well (it didn’t help that our wedding was on a Sunday so people wanted to get home anyway). I’m sure Naura is wonderful!

  5. What a cold and blustery day. I remember you said you were going to be married outside even if it killed you and your guests. I think we only lost a couple of relatives that nobody really liked anyway. What a fun time! I remember you Frank. ::)) 2 years went by lickity split. I will be down for soup. YUM YUM lv mamap

    • It sure was a blustery day! So glad all of the relatives we like survived but if I were to do it over – I would recommend people grab their winter coats and serve hot coffee before the ceremony. And I would give each of the bridesmaids a pair long johns.

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