A la Car(te)

You know about my car.  It’s loaded with a remote start, recycle bin war wounds, lacks proper air conditioner and has a trunk which doesn’t pop open from the inside anymore.  Most importantly, the cd player mostly works and it gets me where I need to go.  In a way, my car is kinda like my face, it’s seen better days but still has some life left, you know?

Anyway.  We sold it.

We are hoping it will encourage me to bike to work more this summer and thus help negate the ludicrous amount of this winter’s/spring’s/my lifetime’s “transgressions”.  And if not, well, at least I’ll have a some extra cash lying around to spend at the mall that I can’t go to anymore because I don’t have a car.

Wait a second, think the Hubs tricked me into this??

11 thoughts on “A la Car(te)

  1. Yay? Congrats anyways! Do you have any ideas of a new car for your future? I am secretly pining for the new 2010 Chevy Cruze, even though I don’t want to the hurt the feelings of my of current 2003 Alero…

    • Oooh, that does sound like a dreamy car (and I promise not to say anything to your beloved but sensitive Alero). We are not sure what our next car will be yet but I’m thinking something with pink argyle interior. Hubs doesn’t know about that.

      • That sounds snazzy. I once saw a TV show about these pawn brokers and they had a pink cadillac on it…that would be awesome! Somehow I could see Hubs pimping that out easily…

  2. I think you should buy a little smart car. They even have convertibles – plus they make them in plaid or polka dots. Check it out. My favorite Qwest tech came today and fixed my phone and internet so I am now back on the proverbial web. I could bike to work 25 miles because it is downhill to the city but coming home at 8pm would be all up hill. That’s when I need a small motorized vehicle. GO Green. Love mamap

    • Me too. :( Of all the things we’ve sold lately, it’s weird that I was the most protective and sentimental over this one! You and I, we have silver Honda Civic hearts, and that’s okay.

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