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Exactly a year ago, I joined the club of annoying oversharers and started a blog.  Some would say (only me, actually) that the dawn of my internet drivel has been quite the fun ride (oh and also? a complete time suck).  I hope to keep this writing experiment up because it gives me a “creative” outlet and the Hubs some much needed quiet time.  This blog also forces me to be better at documenting our hum drum days with photos (which later I try and  fancy up into something exciting).  So, at least that’s a nice perk.

Let’s talk some blog stats shall we now that this miscreant is officially a toddler?

Number of posts published:

Including this one, 166 posts.  Be afraid, more coming.

Number of total comments:

2009.  The year I was married, coincidentally.

Most hits on a post:

The post when I confessed to you about my girl crush on Emily Griffith and her crazy awesome photos. A far second was my Christmas “decorating” disappointment post, Shiny Things.

The post that generated the most comments (keep in mind, half of them are usually mine…):

This post.  It’s about one of the Hub’s hobbies (besides being an adoring fan of his wife for life).  It had a whopping 35 comments, which is substantially more than any other post I’ve written.  You think Hubs is more interesting, point noted.

Strangest place to take a peek into thecandace’s world:

Isle of Man.  Raise your hand if you knew this place existed.  My 8th grade Geography Student of the Year knowledge failed me (a big surprise, right?) but you can read about it here.  Also, the Isle of Man-arian never showed their face again after their first jaunt on over here, they seemed to have been (understandably) scared off.

Google searches that led people to the little ol’ (what is wrong with you people?)

1.  “”  –> hate to be an Obvious Oliver but you could avoid the Google middle man and just type that into a browser instead.  It’s a straight shot.

2. “captain candace” –> you know I’m a fan of this.

3.  “carrots”  –> wha?

4.  “candace coffee”  –> think this should be trademarked for my own protection?

5.  “cute running snot rags” –> apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this is a brilliant idea.

6.  “I have coconut milk, mandarin oranges and chicken, what can I make?”   –>  I don’t know, I’d drink the coconut milk plain and call it a day.

7.  “I’m married but have a crush on photography”  –> maybe try counseling??

8.  “trying to get my life together where to start” –>  aren’t we all…aren’t we all…

9. “oven cleaning big mama” –>  umm, ok?

10.” my wife really had a girl crush” –> don’t fret love, it happens to the best of us.

11.  “sappy engagement stories” –>  hey now!

12.  “sweaty women working out”  –> oh my.

13. “where can candace get a salad”  –> somebody really Googled this, no lie.

14. “what dose candace people eat”  –>  If I start eating people in any size doses, please call a specialist.  Or, if there is a colony of candace people that enjoy eating, why the hell didn’t they extend an invite?

Cheers to another year?

27 thoughts on “My BoB LOGlaw

  1. The Google searches are hilarious! There are some seriously odd people out there. Nice to know they are ending up on your blog. *nervous*

    Btw, guess who’s now the #1 search result for “oven cleaning big mama”? Cheers to that. And cheers to many more years of Candace blogging!

    • I’ve never been so proud as to be associated as the top google hit for oven cleaning big mama. It makes my heart sing!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I thoroughly enjoyed the google hits and it’s always a good day when I get to look something up on wikipedia and learn something new. It has been fun following along with you and Hubs the past few months and hope the good times keep flowing!

  3. I bet dose Gabriel people eat good juicy lucys…YUM! TEE HEE. I don’t know what bog law means. But I am glad you started this blog. It has been entertaining as well as educational and most of all, I get to be part of your lives. And That is the BEST PART. Lv mamap

  4. interesting..this sort of inspires me to do a google search to see what odd phrase I can enter to get a ‘candace’ hit ;-P nice work girl!

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