Guess what?

I got me a job.

See, even though I *want* to sit by the pool of our apartment and count floaters (no, not those kind) day in and day out, it’s just not practical.  Someone has to pull down a job to pay for the fact that I am eating my body weight in Panang curry each day.  Turns out, that person might as well be me.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take me long to land one.

(you were surprised, weren’t you?)

Behold, my new boss:

Now, I am employed doing very important work on the Internets for Hub’s startup.  I’ve requested to be named Chief Internet Warrior Princess, but you know how slowly things get done when they have to go through an imaginary HR department.  Conversely, in the news of progress, I’ve been working going on three weeks now and so far haven’t been canned.

I begin each day by sauntering 15 paces from the bedroom to my “office” in the living room.  It’s pretty low key, although I’m brainstorming office drama to stir up.  Throw ideas at me if you have them.

Get In My Belly: Fancy Fruit

Obviously I shoplifted this idea from my bloggy friend, Jenny.  Check out her adorable and festive paper garlands too!!


  • assorted fruit
  • skewers
  • coordinating craft paper and double stick tape (that you probably swiped from work)
  • too much time on your hands


1. Spend all of your creative energy making the adorable flagged skewers and have someone else wash, cut, and assemble the fruit kabobs.

2.  Bring them to a bridal shower, taking full credit for your overflowing craftiness and never mention that you stole this idea from the internet.


Home is where the heart is

Well, my heart just got pierced straight through.  I shouldn’t care but I do.  I really do.

I got the scoop on the new homeowners of our first little house and what I found out HORRIFIED me.  See, I had heard that the new home owner was a resident at Mayo Clinic and in my heart I dreamed that she was a smart, sporty chick that loved potted herbs and her Grandma.  But in actuality, she’s a SMOKER and instead of a nice plant taking in the sun on the patio, she’s got an astray.  Instead of a visiting Grandma, she’s got a few big dogs that bark excessively and pee on my neighbor’s yard.  I can just imagine my old house filled with smoke and greasy dog hair and it makes my heart so sad.

I wish to apologize to the neighbors I left behind because they were wonderful.  We exchanged kind favors, baked goodies, Christmas cards and we even attended each others weddings.  Now, I guess the new neighbors are just exchanging dirty looks and annoyed sighs.  I honestly had no idea and I am just as upset as they are.

How can you be a resident at one of the most prestigious clinics in the world *and* a smoker?  Isn’t that somehow mutually exclusive?

Tears and a troubled heart,


*you may have already read this post but it’s because I am an ignoramus and double-posted when I shouldn’t have.  I blame the altitude.

Getting Cozy in CO

We’ve been living in Colorado (whoa, that was a weird realization) for a little over two weeks now.  We work during the weekdays from home but are taking advantage of the weekends to get acquainted with this very sexy state.  Wanna know more?  Kinda on the fence?  It’s alright, I get that.

1. We biked to the Saturday morning Farmers Market.  Its backdrop is a gorgeous pathway along a feisty creek and abuts *insert junior high joke here* an ornate Japanese tea house.  The location alone is charming, not to mention all of the produce, homemade goods, music and food stands which made my eyes bulge (and conversely, Hubs wallet shrink.).  We picked up some mixed greens, colorful carrots, avocado-jalapeno-hummus, and some nummy nuts as a gift for our brother back home.

We also noticed the Farmers Market is a zero waste market.  All of the food vendors serve on recyclable or compostable wares, everyone brings their reusable bags, and there are these stations all around to help keep everything eco-riffic.  My heart smiled, I’m not going to lie.

2.  We hiked a local spot close to home called Mount Sanitas.  It took about an hour to reach the summit and we had perfectly sunny weather for the climb (ie: pasty Candace smothered herself in sunscreen).  We saw lots of folks on the mountain, including our neighbors from our apartment complex (how random is that?), people with babies in packs and their dogs – off their leashes, just scaling the rocky paths with no problem!

Unfortunately, we did bump into one mountain lion, but she had a friendly way about her.

3.  We’ve been biking often to the main drag, Pearl Street, which is flanked with lovely (ahem, expensive) boutiques and fabulous restaurants.  I’ve included a picture that has absolutely nothing to do with Pearl Street, but if I may, I’d like to mention I scored those skinny jeans from Target for $4.98.  Applause is unnecessary but nobody in their right mind would turn it down, now would they?

4.  We drove to the outskirts of a tiny mountain town called Nederland to hike a beautiful trail up to an incredibly scenic lake, nestled all cozy in the arms of the mountains.  It’s gorgeous…at least that’s what we hear, because we never did make it up to that apparently amazing/breath taking/life changing trail to Blue Lake.  Dark clouds, cold rain, bellowing thunder, swamped out trails and snowy impasses bullied us until we got half way up and decided to call it quits.  Surely, my outfit choice of a tank top and shorts in the SNOW CAPPED mountains didn’t help motivate us to forge forth.  It was, my friends, a Blue Lake Hiking Fail. Fear not, we will try again!  Probably.

5.  Lastly, we’ve spent a few sunny afternoons at our apartment’s pool but you don’t need to see pictures of me in a terribly lumpy swimsuit and Hub’s bare startup shoulders.  It just wouldn’t be right.

To Bouldly Go

I was *really* hoping to boast of our fantastically entertaining road trip to Boulder, Colorado with clever anecdotes and hilarious pictures but turns out, so little excitement happened on our way to the mountains that it has taken all of my brain power to muster up this post.

Bare with me while I recap my (multi) state of mind in bullet form.


  • there were slobbery goodbyes and ugly cries.
  • the government was away on holiday.
  • the weather was oppressively hot and so was my singing (take that for whatever you want it to mean).
  • Hubs was nursing a cold and cleared his throat a billion times, which I responded to with sympathy and get well wishes.


  • we named our rad GPS, a gift from MamaP and my twin, Miss Dez after she got overly agitated by our detour to find gas near Des Moines.
  • I neglected to make any corny jokes about the corn fields (until now).
  • we may have encountered a minor setback when it was suggested (no, not by me, don’t be silly) that a gas station will surely be at the end of this road when all that was actually at the end was A DEAD END that we couldn’t back out of without unhooking the trailer and car combo and cussing at the sun.
  • Hubs purchased and downed one bottle of 5 hour energy and I counted windmills.
  • Hubs, nursing that lingering cold, cleared his throat a billion more times, which I politely ignored.


  • we stayed in a seedy hotel that served us “cinnamon rolls” and egg jello molds for breakfast. (Damn right I stole the soap and hair net).
  • we got gas, which could be up for interpretation but you’d be right either way.
  • we listened to The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and holy hell that took a long time to get through.
  • our butts and legs went numb and even I ran out of things to say.
  • Hubs, surprisingly still sick, cleared his throat excessively, prompting me to scowl and shoot imaginary angry birds at his face.


  • we *finally* made it to our destination and extended tired high fives and weak yelps of yaaaay.
  • we hired movers to help us unload our mountain (fitting, no?) of crap while I staggered around our tiny apartment looking for fresh underwear and face wash.
  • we walked to an adorable little Thai place and enjoyed some killer curry for dinner.
  • Hubs was *still* nursing that frickin’ cold and kept on with the throat clearing but I cured my annoyance with three glasses of wine and went to bed.

(stupid picture, I know)

It’s been been a little over a week since that lengthy road trip transplanted us in higher altitude.  Think it’s about time I tell you what we’ve been up to now that we made it here?  Soon, my pretties, very soon.

We are Packers Fans.

Don’t get your Minnesotan long johns in a bunch.  You see, we spent weeks packing up all of our belongings until the garage resembled an impenetrable cardboard thicket of our very cherished crap.  Then, before we had a chance to catch our breath, Moving Day showed up.

Hubs secured a big butted truck,

God selected a tortuously muggy evening and I purchased classy refreshments,

and we rallied up a crew of fine muggles to work their Tetris magic (see, they have magic after all!) on our ridiculous amount of heavy furniture and my shamefully expansive collection of craft paper and stickers.

You know what?  It was a hard, yucky, and dreadful task.  But, our friends did us right that night and that’s why Hubs and I are huge, huge, HUGE, Packers fans.

My dear Packers, thank you sincerely for your generosity and very hard work.  I am overwhelmed by your kindness and care and feel honored to call you my friends.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!

P.S.  This picture was too cute to keep all to myself.

Did your heart just melt?  I know, mine too.

Flashback Friday

This woman, though rather short, fills an extremely tall space in my heart.  She is my Grandma.

Photography by Emily Griffith.

It’s her birthday tomorrow and I regrettably have to blow her some birthday kisses from the mountains this year (and pray they make it over that long bothersome stretch called Nebraska).  Sorry, I have to run off because I’m getting all snotty and overemotional and I can’t see what I am typing anymore.  Make sure you kiss your Grandma soon because they are special people.