Raves and Faves: JUNE

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of June loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Ran a 10 mile trail run with a friend.  It was a tough course and I rolled my ankle right in the middle of the race (you guys, you would be *so annoyed* if you knew how many times this has happened to me on a run) but Becky told me to Cowboy up and keep going.  So, we did.  We finished and Trader Joes was at the end to greet us with frozen oranges (heavenly) and those stellar granola bars!  My blogger brain was absent that morning and so we had to make due with my cell phone camera.  Even though it may seem like Becky is petting my rack, we are just really close friends is all.

2.  This is what happens when you round up my female family members for a bridal shower and serve them mimosas at 10am.

Can you only imagine how fun this wedding will be?!?

4.  This throwback tune.  It brings me back to my first year in Rochester, fresh out of college with a used Honda and $11 to my name.  Peanut butter aside, you better believe I jammed out to this song by Something Corporate.

5.  I chopped off three scraggly inches of my hair and highlighted the hell out of it.  Hooray!

6.  Celebrating my 2 year anniversary!  We managed to do the lamest thing ever – lunch at Hu Hot and then had to head back to work.  It went from awesome to terribly depressing in one afternoon!

7.  Saying our good byes to friends and family.  Byes are never good (why do they claim to be?) but sometimes Change shakes life up and they have to happen.

*updated with a photo because it was too sweet not to show off.

After they were all said and done, I left Minnesota with my heart heavy but full, if that makes sense?

June bugged out to make way for some July skies.  Summertime…and the living is easy, no?

12 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: JUNE

  1. Happy (June) anniversary to the candace! Luckily there will be no more going back to work after lunches, given the whole “you quit your stressful job” thing!

    And Becky better watch where she’s putting those frisky paws :)

    • *cartwheels* Quitting my job was the best decision ever (although, weirdly enough, a very hard one to make). Can’t wait to explore more of this new town with you, Hubs!

  2. I haven’t commented on your blog in forever, but have been keeping up with the Kardsahians…errr, The Candace and Mr. Candace. So very incredibly excited/happy (and a little sad) for you guys as you close one chapter and start another. Looking forward to following you on this new journey. Hold on tight. Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun ride. :)

  3. That’s quite the scandalous race day picture ~ and I thought your Flashback Friday chest bump photo was right up there…oooh la la…I have same entertaining drinking photos that need to stay hidden away as well. Good job on getting your hair done and congrats on the anniversary and move yet again!

    • Risque, right? This was supposed to be a family blog but I knew it would most likely degrade with time. It’s my way!

  4. Anniversaries, Good-byes, Adventure, Runs and Races, Embarrassing Photos — an awesome June 2011. How can we compete with that. I can. (see above photo) ::)) It is finally hot here and we are enjoying the sun. I hope it is nice there. love mamap

    • June was one for the books, that’s for sure! It’s beautiful here, we are *hopefully* heading to the mountains this weekend! MISS YOU.

    • July is a competitive month, and it’s trying hard to out-do June. It’s getting a nice assist from Boulder, though.

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