Guess what?

I got me a job.

See, even though I *want* to sit by the pool of our apartment and count floaters (no, not those kind) day in and day out, it’s just not practical.  Someone has to pull down a job to pay for the fact that I am eating my body weight in Panang curry each day.  Turns out, that person might as well be me.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take me long to land one.

(you were surprised, weren’t you?)

Behold, my new boss:

Now, I am employed doing very important work on the Internets for Hub’s startup.  I’ve requested to be named Chief Internet Warrior Princess, but you know how slowly things get done when they have to go through an imaginary HR department.  Conversely, in the news of progress, I’ve been working going on three weeks now and so far haven’t been canned.

I begin each day by sauntering 15 paces from the bedroom to my “office” in the living room.  It’s pretty low key, although I’m brainstorming office drama to stir up.  Throw ideas at me if you have them.

21 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Oh my….I see 2 things wrong already :)
    1) CEO of Corp working with a wine glass on his desk 2) New worker sleeping with the CEO
    3) New worker has unfair advantage over CEO because of #2 above 4) Discipline of new worker will be difficult because of #2 and #3 above
    5) Forgetting all of what I just said, the arrangement sounds wonderful. Congratulations to “the candace” for landing this really nice job. I hope the interview wasn’t too stressful ..what will MamaP say to this??

  2. Welcome to the team, The Candace!

    Some perks:
    * Working on the balcony or by the pool is entirely appropriate and is in fact encouraged.
    * The boss will often cook lunch
    * Free coffee! (you just have to walk down to the leasing office to get it)
    * Window offices for all!

    • Not unlike one of my bosses at the Fancy Computer Company, this new boss is a really wonderful guy…the best perk of all!

  3. I knew you could come up with a good title, but I could only dream of a title that includes “warrior”, “princess”, AND “chief”. That’s it, I’m asking for a new title at work.

  4. tax time is always a great time to list Chief Internet Warrior Princess as your job title. last year i said i was “home manager”. sorry, just not gonna say homemak… *gag*

    • Still devising how I can claim my curry as a business expense. I think your title should be Renaissance Woman because you are an engineer, photography business entrepreneur, marathon runner, and Mom of two under two…you do it all!

  5. Don’t forget to put your new title at the bottom of all correspondence, they’ll surely listen and comply then.

    Hmmm…how to stir up office drama…sounds like you need to start talking about your boss’s recent hair cut, I hear it was a good one 😉

    Maybe you can leave some leftovers to rot in the fridge, oh wait…that will tick yourself off more than others.

    How about you work in your undies only? that could get interesting ;-D or better yet, steal the boss’s parking spot!

    • Oooh, the suggestions are nice and full of scandal – especially the hair cut mocking (don’t worry, we think it’ll grow back) and the parking spot thieving! Brilliant!

  6. love the new title! congrats! and yes, I believe a few office hijinks would be fun…although it seems as if your boss already drinks on the job…maybe he should be reported to the HR dept. You could have some theme days, or a potluck day, and use the leftovers for dinner…sneaky, sneaky! Also, a wi-fi induced poolside workday doesn’t seem out of the question to me…like a field trip!

    • Right after I pour myself some wine, I’m going to report him. The potluck idea is outrageously awesome – it’s now an action item!!!

  7. Gack! Warrior Princess! When you think about it, every company does need a warrior princess on staff. Zowie! Sleeping her way up to the top sounds like the most satisfactory way to make progress with the bossman although, Frank has several good points for Zack to check out. Lack of discipline, etc. Wham! The boss cooking lunch and spending the workday poolside sounds marvelous. Shirts are a must. “There’s no I in Team Garbow” That type of thing. “Warriors Forever” and so on. For office intrigue, you and the boss could talk about the new janitor. Holy Batcave, Batman!

    I think I am going to apply for the job of janitor. I need to work on my tan and my floating technique. I am not very good at cleaning, so supply cost would be minimal. YIKES! How do you like my comic book references? LOL lv mamap

    • I’d love to hire dear MamaP as the janitor and we’ll bug out to get cupcakes for breakfast on Pearl Street! A vacant home stays clean, right?! Pow!

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