When Hubs is away…

(The) Candace will play!

Hubs scooted off to a conference this week with his super brainy computer programming students, leaving me to my own devices. *rubs hands together*

Here is a small list of what I wanted to “accomplish” and luckily for you, I’ve been keeping track of my progress.

1. Shop until I drop

Hours after dropping the Hubs off to catch his flight, I sprinted to the mall.  Coincidentally (I think not), the Loft was having a sale.

I know.  I’m a math genius!

Then, I bought lipstick.  This is out of character for me but I was feeling weary from my deal scoring and so when the MAC lady swiped some on me (plus a top soil layer of concealer), I felt like it needed to have it.

2.Get a pedicure

After my Loft domination/MAC taking advantage of my insecure soul, I thought I’d do some damage control by painting my own nails for free.  When a girl has got the house to herself, clearly the only option is to paint her toes a delicious PINK.

Speaking of delicious…

3.Eat out so I don’t have to restock any groceries

As a general rule, I would say this To Do plays to my strengths.  And yes, of course I got my curry (fourth time in four weeks), which lit my mind on fire (and later on, my innards).

4. Eat cupcakes (yes, plural) for breakfast from HERE

If I wasn’t suffering from complications of number 3, I would have had this one checked off by now.  Tomorrow is the day and I’ll pay in cash so Hubs can’t trace me.

5. Enjoy a girls night out!

I’m heading to a slumber party in Denver this weekend.  It’ll be some good old fashioned girly fun.  If more shopping has to happen, then I won’t fight it.

And, finally…

6. Clean, but only if I have time

I’m pretty sure I won’t have time.



21 thoughts on “When Hubs is away…

  1. And for awhile there I was worried that the candace would be bored and lonely without me. But it looks like the 29th Street Mall has been keeping her company!

    Speaking of curry, I miss our local Thai place. The green curry in Chicago just doesn’t compare. But the pizza… not even close!

    Enjoy a cupcake for me and try to keep our credit score safe until I return!

    • Oh, I’m also planning to swing by Goodwill sometime too because I need to make room for my new purchases (and your crap is taking up extremely valuable real estate).

  2. PS – I wish I could hire you to shop for me – you are savvy, like it, and have great taste. All the things I would need…hmmm….

    • You are ridiculously nice, Megs. Now that would be a sweet gig! Although, it’d be much more fun together…leave the boys at home??

    • The >$80 savings doesn’t even take into account the original prices of my clearance items. Basically, the LOFT paid ME for my time!

  3. Holy Colorado, Batman. I’ve just caught up on this wonderfulness that is TheCandace and I’m excited to hear and read of your adventures! Just flew through the Denver Airport a few short weeks ago and would have sent a special “Candy Trielle Hello” towards the West!

    I hope the job is going well and wonder if you get vacation while the Hubs is away? And good on you for that Loft savings. I love shopping at Kohl’s since they circle your savings in RED. Missing you and hoping we can catch up soon. (posted here since your poor FB page seems a little lonely.) -CamKay

    • Cam Kay!!! Oh how the warm fuzzies hit me reading this comment from you and I’m honored you stopped by my little corner of jabber! I would *love* to catch up with you. One thing I already know is that Motherhood suits you beautifully – you have a stunning little girl on your hands.

  4. Wish I could share some girl time with my Candace. You could paint my toenails, since leaning over for a long time, causes me to pass out. Can leaning over be considered a sit up? This week I have eaten a salad a day. Monday – Asian Tues – Apple Wednesday Pear Gorgonzola Thurs – Apple again and Friday will be Asian. I added chicken to each one. YUMMY. That puts me close to 23 days. I am a winner. lv mamap

    • I’d gladly paint your toesies for you, MamaP! We’ll have to figure out how to do girls day now that I’m out of state. I would suggest to meet half way but there is no way I am driving to NE again! Great job on the salads – it’s not so bad, now is it? Keep up the healthy work!

    • YAY! I love all of their stuff too! I had never shopped there before because they didn’t have one where I lived when I was in MN. But now…I’m dangerous. :)

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