Flashback Friday

About a year ago, this pretty lady in white married into the family and now we rock the same last name.  Looking at these pictures from last summer makes me miss both sides of our family in Minnesota.

But, before I get too nostalgic and sad, I have to remind myself that in a few short weeks, I’ll be back home for another family wedding.  Oh, and come to think of it, I’ll probably be wearing that same dress.  Which I makes me think back on the time when I wore it during our honeymoon.  And then how I wore it again to Hub’s high school reunion.  And then also for a banquet dinner later that same summer.   Which leads me to wonder, how many times can you get out of a polka dot dress before you are forced to retire it?

Anyway, why don’t you kick up your heels ‘cuz it’s Friday?

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    • I’d like to think so. Also, this dress only cost me $15 – so each time I wear it, I get giddy think of the great deal I scored!

  1. I don’t think I have anything polka-dotty…but your dress is so cute, I think I might have to find something, because I have a friend’s wedding coming up this September…have a great weekend!

  2. I love polka dots. Never get rid of that dress. It is beautiful and I will loan you my beautiful polkadot Steve Madden shoes. member honners when we bought them in Macy’s Rochester..FUN. another wedding in september. i wish we could meet at some other function like surfing in Hawaii. lv mamap

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