A Sunday Surprise

I know this is completely unprecedented, but I decided to do a surprise Sunday post.  See, I’ve been blogging three times a week since I started this internet masterpiece and so I felt like I couldn’t let this week slip away with just a two-fer.  It’s ok if you didn’t even notice.

This a SpotLife of sorts.  Behold readers, our Saturday.  We snarfed down some oatmeal, hopped on our bikes and headed to the foothills.  Today, we were going to tackle the Gregory Canyon trail!

You guys.  Not sure you caught that.  We *biked* to the foothills, just to get off and go hiking for a few hours.  Shouldn’t I get free ice cream for being so hard core?


We hiked a beautiful trail and took stupid pictures:

It was rigorous terrain (but apparently no big deal for another hiker and her pet YORKIE.  No, for realsies.):

And there was danger:

But I comforted the Hubs by listing all of the things I’d like to buy from Forever21.com:

And after coming out on the other end (?) and sweating off all of our sunscreen, we biked back into town to eat at Illegal Pete’s.  We ate beans and rice and salsa.  It wasn’t that exciting but I never promised it would be.

Then, we biked home.

I finished the afternoon off with a nap (which was rudely disrupted by a not so considerate DRUMMING neighbor) while Hubs worked and then we had dinner at 5pm like old people.  Most likely, if we weren’t blogging about this day, we would have considered staying home to peruse the grocery flier for coupons and maybe ventured out for our weekly curry.  So, thanks for forcing us to interact with the outside world.

Before I sign off, there are the cutest little herds of prairie dogs out here.  They sure make a mess of the fields they live in, but it’s hilarious when the whole batch stand guard over their dusty mound kingdoms and stare blankly at you.  Here, a video:


Hey, it was the best we could do.  Happy Sunday, people.

19 thoughts on “A Sunday Surprise

  1. What an awesome way to spend Sunday…thanks for making “the candace” a solid “three-fer” this week. The pictures look very inviting .

    • Just barely squeezed in this blog post to round out the week! :) We got a lot of boring but must needed To Dos checked off today so it was a nice balance of fun adventures and phew-we-have-clean-clothes-again type of weekend.

  2. Did you jump on the yorkie and squish it flat so I can’t see it? Seriously, you know PETA is my middle name. That was a huge video by SIL. It makes his audience employ imagination, which I think is a necessary item in all of art, not just movies. LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS, OH NO! Be careful. Now is the time to go out and get a nice gun. Kind of a bear scarer and warner type of gun. Make a necklace out of bells. I know the geologists in Alaska hang bells on their packs. I will bring some cow bells when I come visit. One for you and one for SIL. lv mamap

    • Bells are a good thought but I imagine cumbersome. If only I had a built in noise maker that I always have with me no matter where I go…
      Wait. I do have one of those.

  3. Oh, all the things to say… I will keep it short and sweet. 1) if one is going to use the term “snarfed” when referencing food in Boulder, it is hard for me to feel like it shouldn’t have to be used in the context of “Snarf’s”, no? If you still haven’t been yet… It’s a must!! 2) I am so jealous of your pics, I want to just throw the salad challenge tomorrow so that I can come back and hike Gregory Canyon with you! You guys are ADORABLE! 3) I LOVE illegal Pete’s! The best, right?! Hmmm… Rice and beans and salsa… You best not be calling that a salad!
    Miss you lots…

    • SNARFS! We heart that place but have been resisting the urge to go back since the whole gluten free fiasco started. *sigh* One day and one day soon. Throw the salad challenge and come back to us permanently! We’d be over the moon! We could eat our salads together (or skip out and go to Buddha Cafe instead?). :) Miss you two right back!

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