I take my coffee

free, with some sun and a packet of uncertainty.

You see, a few months ago, I would toss some change into a crabby vending machine and if I was lucky, a paper cup would fill with creamy caffeinated chemicals and I would gulp it down at my desk listening to scratchy teleconferences.

But lately, Hubs and I have been shuffling over to the leasing office of our apartment for a mid morning coffee break, poolside.

Admittedly, the coffee is not stellar but the sunny weather usually makes up for it.  I’m trying to soak up these new moments, because they are wildly different from my life before.  These coffee breaks remind me that Hubs and I have come a long way from our Minnesota daydreams but that I also still have a bag of frets regarding the future.

Then, I just focus on the moment, as it is.

I take another sip, close my eyes and let the coffee warm my belly.

16 thoughts on “I take my coffee

  1. I love that I can finally share my coffee breaks with another person, rather than being forced to converse with myself in multiple voices.

  2. I love the idea of morning coffee break by the pool. You have to let go a little of the frets. We really don’t have much control over anything. Send out requests to the universe and see what comes back. We’ll go out into the wilderness and sit on a rock and practice when i get there. We’ll sit on the rock after SIL chases away the snakes and bears. lv mamap

  3. FREE coffee! woo hoo! I have to admit that I actually like the Kwik Trip coffees the best…loaded with lots of sugar to get me through the day ;-P Keep on sippin’

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