Flashback Friday

In Sunday’s surprise post, I neglected to mention an unsuccessful foray into rock climbing during last weekend’s hike.  Let me mention it now.

theCandace: Hubs, I’m going to scale this rock so you can take a picture of me and then I’m going to post it on my blog so people can be impressed by my dexterity and adventuresome spirit.  Ready?

Hubs: Alright, but I think you’re going to hurt yourself.

*theCandace ignores him and clambers two feet up the wall with exertion and great distress while Hubs snaps pictures of her painfully clingy shorts*

theCandace:  Hubs!!  This was a no good, very bad idea and I have some sincere regrets!!

Hubs:  You are only two feet off the ground.  I think you can make it back down, I really do.

*the Candace takes 3 full minutes to maneuver back to the hiking path.  She is sweaty, grimacing and her hands are bleeding.*

Hubs:  Shall we do burritos for lunch?

theCandace:  I think that would be best.

Don’t do anything stupid this weekend, alright?

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. You’re lucky I didn’t zoom out any further in that picture – it would have exposed the ground just a few feet below you!

    I loved your courage scampering up the rock though. Now we’ll just have to practice climbing down.

  2. Oh my goodness….here’s “the Candace” rock climbing a 48 percent grade with no gloves, hiking shoes rather than climbing shoes, no helmet, IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS !!! At least she didn’t try riding up this rock face on her mountain bike :) I believe there’s enough material here for a nice story in National Geographic Magazine. Your bloggyreaders love your adventures, Ms the Candace, just please stay safe.

    • I know Frank, what was I thinking!? Maybe it’s all of the hard core adventurers out here that inspired me to be an idiot! Next time, I’m staying on the path, right where I belong! :)

  3. I love burritos…I got to have walking tacos at work today…just as fun as burritos and less messy…and you are much braver than I…perhaps you should get a yorkie like your hiker buddies and practice walking on trails and work your way up to the sides of the mountains and then Zack would also have someone to talk to when you aren’t around…so many problems solved at once :)

  4. I love burritos as well. Maybe we can go for a little climb like that one, roped together of course, and SIL can talk us up and down. I think we need video for that adventure. National Geographic would love it.

    Frank is right. Where is your helmet. Parachute. Spikes. Yorkie. I need all of those. Can’t wait. love mamap

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