Free S(peach)

Hubs heard about a Peach Festival that was going on in Lafayette and casually mentioned it to me (because I am completely unaware of life outside my bubble).  Maybe it’s the gluten free carb yearning that is weakening my spirit, but I started to conjure up visions of peach cobbler, peachy smoothies, peach pies, deep fat fried cinnamon sugar peaches, peach muffins, the juicy fruit themselves, or least ones in a can that were put there by a man in a factory downtown.  Needless to say, I was ALL ABOUT IT.  I mean, Colorado is known for their peaches, right?!

Excitedly, I dug out the only peach colored top I own and we skipped on over to the festivities.

We did what you’d expect at any respectable Peach Festival and enjoyed some jambalaya:

Jambalaya?  Yeah.

As well as (gluten and just regular) free cotton candy, courtesy of some churchy folks:

In addition to those delicacies and opposite of what my title implies, the peaches did in fact cost money-

…a lot of money and if I’m being honest, they were as hard as gallstones.

If that weren’t disappointing enough, there were way more homemade jewelry stands than peachy fun.  Does that make sense to anyone??

A random side note:  The Clompy McClomperton Crew moved into the apartment above us.  They are athletes from China and there seems to be a lot of them, although we can’t keep track since they are always coming and going.  We assume they are here to squeeze in some serious altitude training.  While I appreciate their svelte bodies and gutsy drive and determination, the reverberating sound of their of indoor calisthenics and stair clomping is starting to royally tick me off.  Can someone important, like Obama or JWOW, send for our old neighbors from Chicago?  We need them back, stat.

18 thoughts on “Free S(peach)

  1. Fun! With of the exciting things you keep telling me about Colorado, it makes me jealous! And I would’ve totally worn a peach shirt too, just to be cool. And I don’t know what’s going on in with everything town unless someone send me an invite to it on Facebook, so don’t feel bad…it’s hard to keep up with everyone.

  2. Nice post to your blog, Ms the Candace. I just bought a “whole box” of Colorado peaches yesterday from the Church Youth sale. There must have been 48 peaches in the box so I shared with
    Mom. Next Tuesday I will be at her place in Zumbrota to prune bushes and watch them redo her concrete patio so I have been promised either peach pie or cobbler, from real Colorado peaches. BTW…your peach colored top gets a 5star vote from me…very nice indeed.

    • At least *someone* appreciates my peach team spirit – thank you! I think the festival served us peaches that just weren’t ready yet. I’ve heard wonderful things about the ones from Colorado. We’ll keep trying!

  3. I think we bought our peaches about 2 weeks before they were ripe. I would have known that if the young woman in the stand hadn’t scolded me for squeezing them to determine their ripeness. “Believe me, they are ripe,” she told me. Next year, I’m only buying jambalaya from the Peach Festival.

    And the McClomperton’s above us need to pipe down. Their racket is only causing us to miss our previous neighbors even more (please come back, Ali & Sasha!)

  4. Ooh I love peaches!! Cobbler! Pie!! Grilled with a little honey-lime!!! Ok, this is making me hungry :-) LOVE the peach colored shirt, you are too cute TheCandace. The jambalaya looked way tasty (jealous!) :-)

    • Tai, your peach cobbler is so good that I ate it for dinner and breakfast last time you sent me leftovers. I miss your leftovers!

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  6. only you look good while your tongue is hanging out with cotton candy stuck to it…just hilarious and still so cute…you need to be the spokesperson/model for cotton candy cuz I don’t think anyone else can make it look so good!

  7. so did SIL find a worm? I can’t believe I missed adding my two cents on this post. I know I read it. I’ve reached the point of thinking I have done something when I haven’t. It doesn’t bother me when I am thinking about housework, but it bothers me when it affects my fun stuff. Peach for the sky. lv mamap

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