Flashback Friday

As we were gnawing our way through the peaches we had purchased at the Peach Festival, Hubs noticed something.

Did you see?  That is a toddler kicking back in her *stroller*, playing the iPad.  An iPad!

Who feels bad about their perceptual ineptness with technology now?  Just me?

Happy Friday, friends.


12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Is that toddler available to help me install an external hard drive? Do you suppose she’ll want cash as payment or fruit snacks & Barbies?

    • I don’t know what I was thinking but I really should have gotten her business card so she could upgrade my Firefox and teach me iMovie. Fruit snacks and Barbies should be able to cover all of your expenses, I would imagine.

    • I’ve seen Evan’s calculator skills too- he’s got lots of those engineer genes in him for sure! I’m hoping you get an iPad first though!

  2. I consider myself to be pretty computer savvy, but the other day, Daisy sprawled herself across my laptop and turned something on called Filter Keys and it took me 30 minutes to turn it back off, so maybe I’m not quite ready to jump up to an iPad, although they look pretty darn nifty.

    • Your story made me giggle because it’s my life in a nutshell – except instead of a Daisy doing the sabotaging, it’s me. I set my coffee cup down next to my computer and BAM! totally messed something up and have to wait for Hubs to throw me a life raft. It’s humiliating.

  3. I think I need to step it up with Makenzie…her LEAPtop isn’t cutting it anymore on her resume for preschool compared to this little one!

    • I think you’re moving in the right direction if Makenzie already has a resume – atta girl! I think Mommy and Auntie Candace have a lot to teach her from our deal scoring days at Apache!

  4. Thank goodness I have never seen an IPad so I wouldn’t have recognized what the kid was holding. As a result, I still feel pretty good about myself. Thanki goodness, Levi is within phone range so I can always call him up and say, “the tv isn’t working” the computer is funny” and he is able to decipher what I am asking. I am grateful. I am appreciative of the people in our lives that understand this inanimate object that we find taking up such a big part of our lives. lv mamap

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