Bee Careful

I woke up this morning and found inexplicable bee carnage on our doorstep.  I know you think I’m being dramatic (which is usually a fair assumption) but check it out for yourself:

Now, I’m not one to sympathize with these cantankerous critters but it did make me wonder if this was a sign of an upcoming Apocalypse.  My sweet neighbor (the soft walking one), swept all of the twitching bodies away but the next morning…there was more carnage.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m stocking up on bottled water, canned coconut milk (love that stuff), and downloaded episodes of Modern Family just to be prepared.

Any idea who could bee responsible for this persistent stripey bloodshed?   Also, if anyone can think of a brighter/non-morbid way to kick off a Monday, I’m open to suggestions.

8 thoughts on “Bee Careful

  1. Oh man! Is this what they mean when they talk about colony collapse? Who knew all the collapsing was happening on your front step?!?

  2. I’m scared to open the door this morning to witness the latest carnage. It’s creepy that they are dying outside our door each night. Plus, it’s scary walking over them while some are still twitching.

    To avoid that scene, I’ll just stay in and drink some more coconut milk.

  3. Do you think it is the coconut milk that is attracting the bees to your doorstep? Is it just your door or are people freaked up and down the hallway? I am concerned since you are not rational when surrounded by bees, wasps and the like. Make sure Zack is armed when you open the door to join the world on a daily basis. Sounds like it is time to call the Boulder extension service to find out what the heck is going on. Be safe and wear netting. lv mamap

  4. I came home from my parent’s house the other night after having dinner and there was a cricket convention all over the sidewalk in front of my door too, so maybe the Apocalypse is on the way! eek! I will keep an eye out for locusts and keep you updated!

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