When Hubs is away…

(The) Candace will play!

Hubs scooted off to a conference this week with his super brainy computer programming students, leaving me to my own devices. *rubs hands together*

Here is a small list of what I wanted to “accomplish” and luckily for you, I’ve been keeping track of my progress.

1. Shop until I drop

Hours after dropping the Hubs off to catch his flight, I sprinted to the mall.  Coincidentally (I think not), the Loft was having a sale.

I know.  I’m a math genius!

Then, I bought lipstick.  This is out of character for me but I was feeling weary from my deal scoring and so when the MAC lady swiped some on me (plus a top soil layer of concealer), I felt like it needed to have it.

2.Get a pedicure

After my Loft domination/MAC taking advantage of my insecure soul, I thought I’d do some damage control by painting my own nails for free.  When a girl has got the house to herself, clearly the only option is to paint her toes a delicious PINK.

Speaking of delicious…

3.Eat out so I don’t have to restock any groceries

As a general rule, I would say this To Do plays to my strengths.  And yes, of course I got my curry (fourth time in four weeks), which lit my mind on fire (and later on, my innards).

4. Eat cupcakes (yes, plural) for breakfast from HERE

If I wasn’t suffering from complications of number 3, I would have had this one checked off by now.  Tomorrow is the day and I’ll pay in cash so Hubs can’t trace me.

5. Enjoy a girls night out!

I’m heading to a slumber party in Denver this weekend.  It’ll be some good old fashioned girly fun.  If more shopping has to happen, then I won’t fight it.

And, finally…

6. Clean, but only if I have time

I’m pretty sure I won’t have time.



Raves and Faves: JULY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of July loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. On the first day of July, I went and QUIT my job.  Best Rave and Fave of all time but a sub par picture to go with it.

A sidenote:  I brought donuts into the office to say farewell.  An engineer dude, that I *have NEVER met before in my nine years of service at the company* followed me all the way from the parking lot to my desk to take the *FIRST* donut and wish me “Many congratulations on whatever you’re celebrating and thanks so much because I was starving!”.

I mean, really?  Come on now.

2. Kickin’ it old school with this mini backpack.  It’s been perfect for our day hikes in the mountains and bike rides into town.  Plus,  I’ve had it since college – it was a gift from my cousin.  It’s nice to have an old comfort along when you are exploring something new, you know?

3.  Hubs purchased a bike (and an enormous helmet but don’t give him a hard time because he has a lot of brains to protect underneath that thing).

Now that we both have bikes, we take nerdy bike rides together and even have matching water bottles.  Yep, we are THAT couple.

4. There is free coffee, hot chocolate and tea at our leasing office.  You guys, did you hear me?  It’s FREE.  I don’t even really like coffee but free coffee tastes pretty incredible so why not make it (a very large) part of my day?

5.  We made our first friends.  Somehow, they found us remotely endearing and so they’ve let us tag along with them a few times, which is all kinds of considerate.

By the way.  Our first friends aren’t going to last, because they move back to Chicago at the end of the week.  So Super Sad.

6.  I dragged my squishy arse out before the sun rose to meet a few total lunatics at the base of a MOUNTAIN to start a run.  I *assume* the sunrise was absolutely magical in the midst of the Flatirons…but I was too focused on the ankle twisting path in front of me, as well as the dark thicket concealing a flash mob of Minnesotan-flesh craving mountains lions.  I survived and that my friends, is something to rave about.

7.  Hubs and I’ve been biking to outdoor yoga on Sunday mornings.  I can’t tell you how moved I feel; standing in a courtyard, under the sun, with the mountains encouraging me and the breeze feathering my face.  It fills my soul right to the very tippy top.

I would venture to say that not everyone walks away from this yoga experience with that same perspective, which I admit is my fault.

July baked on by but the window to August is wide open and it’s looking to be oh so lovely already.