Raves and Faves: AUGUST

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Obviously becoming Coach Candace was the highlight of my month.  There are more kids on the team than people that attended my wedding, so our coaching staff is quite large (similar to my appetite):

2.  I met a new friend for coffee and she is crammed full of niceness, smarts, and all that’s cool – like so many folks I was blessed to know in Minnesota.

Our coffee date bled into an afternoon and even though I had ample opportunity to take a picture of us, documenting the beginning of what I am hoping is a long and hardy friendship (sssh, she doesn’t know yet), I took a picture of my food instead:

Some days, I have no idea why I do the things I do.

3.  Origins Vitazing

This stuff is awesome.  It’s SPF15, kinda tinted, free of yucky chemicals and makes me feel important.

I’m not really sure what part of quitting my fancy job made me think it’s alright to starting buying rich-lady-moisturizer.  Another repercussion of this purchase is after happily skipping out of Origins front doors, I’m perfectly positioned squarely in front holy Sephora.  Mindlessly, I start trotting towards it, like a Pavlov dog, joining up with the pack of other frothy-mouthed women, desperately hoping to fix up what we can’t change with a little body butter and a killer eye shadow kit.

4.  I got a new desk.  Hubs claims it’s for working but online shopping seems to be a better fit.  And now that So You Think You Can Dance finally ended, supposedly I have more time to do both (but I’ve been sleeping extra instead).  Doesn’t it have a nice view?

5.  We were good little Coloradans and hit up our first Rockies game at their outdoor stadium in Denver.  Even though we were late to the game, they lost, and it rained, I was still able to get myself a burger with gluten free bread (to the pricey tune of $9) and it rockied my face off.

6.  No bake cookies.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon but just know that it pairs chocolate with peanut butter, a marriage that you know is going to last.

7.  Plain and simple, Hubs and I have been enjoying day trips to the mountains.  They are free.  They are beautiful.  And that’s a nice combination if you ask me.

Well, we all made it through August without much fuss and sexy September stepped in for the final act of summer.  Let it be a good show!

12 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: AUGUST

  1. Talk about a tasty month – those no-bake cookies have saved our gluten free butts!

    The Rockies game rocked (despite the rain), and I’m loving hiking the mountains with my wifey. Oh, and tinted face lotion lets me even out my skin while maintaining my makeup-free masculinity.

  2. Go Team! Wouldn’t it be awesome if your new friend had a blog too?

    And yes…I need that recipe…I like to no bake bake my food every once in awhile.

    And I also need to know if Sephora is as great as people seem to make it out to be…because the website seems amazing, and they have sent me some great samples.

    I like the desk and the pretty plant pot on it too. Fresh air is hard to come by sometimes…and sunshine.

    That’s all…Daisy says it’s time for the rambling to stop and go to bed.

    • I’ll have to do some Sephora investigating because like you, I’ve only futzed around with their products, made a mental list my “need to haves” and haven’t had the heart to buy anything yet. But, apparently the 24/7 Urban Decay Eyeliner is the snap crackle pop.

  3. Lovely faves. I plan on hiking and exploring for gold. I bought new running shoes. I had to get rid of my old ones Candace picked out for me. I think they had 125 miles on them. ::( Life is exciting. Make new friends. Friends are good for the soul. I have met new ones on this blog. lv mamap

  4. You were meant to be a coach – I’m so happy to see the posts! Even though you already were a coach, inspiration, and encouraging soul to many, now you get to put in time with teenies, who will continue to recognize the depths of your gifts and coolness for years and years…especially when they reach our age and need to run so they can eat those no bake cookies. Love to you in the big C-O!

    • Megs, you are always so kind. I love reading your words – I hear your voice (and miss it so!) in my mind. Sending lots of love to you and your little family!

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