Knives n High Fives

With the promise of pumpkin bread, Hubs and I were able to lure a few friends over to our ‘cozy’ digs for some pumpkin carving.

To make things classy, I rolled out the red carpet tarp for our guests:

While Hubs was serving up his delicious homemade tortellini soup, our party goers were hard at work on their creative orange orbs.

Impressive, huh?

Luckily, I was able to soothe my carving insecurities with hot apple cider:

and, while Hubs was distracted, handfuls of Halloween candy…

In spite of Dory’s threats to devour my brains, I was very excited to share an old favorite tradition with new faces.

And I’d hate to speak for everyone else, but I had a mighty fine time.

Here is Hub’s masterpiece in the daylight:

And my shoddy work:

Next year, I’m going to hold off on the wine until after I’m done carving.

Heaven’s Dandruff

I had a totally different post ready for you today but when I woke up to this fluffy scene,

I figured the other post could wait for tomorrow.  It’s our FIRST SNOW!  And, a lot of it.  Supposedly we are going to get up to 12″ of heaven’s dandruff!

Of course I badgered Hubs into the elements to snap some photos.  It’s my way (and one of the many things he loves about me, I’m certain).

To think, two days ago I wore shorts to practice and when we had friends over later that evening, we had to turn on the air.  The weather here is weirder than my hair looks when I sleep on it before it’s dry.

Happy Wednesday, my party people.

A Confession

So.  I have a confession.  Remember when I got all serious on you and wrote this post about cutting out The Gluten?  Well.  I did the no-gluten thing for two months, with *no* cheating.  To be honest, besides the first week, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I started to think this might be a lifestyle I could actually get used to for the long haul…

Until, one day a few weeks ago, we decided to spontaneously stop the diet.  You see, I’m just not sure if this experiment was relieving any of my autoimmune symptoms.  I kinda think it helped with some things but I couldn’t pinpoint if it was due to being gluten free, or if it’s because I’m eating healthier in general, or if it’s because I sleep more, or if it’s because I’m less stressed.  It’d be fair to say that after two months of restrictions, I have “inconclusive results”.

I’m kinda sad about it.

But, also kinda pumped because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect…

-because pumpkin bread season is in full effect and I’ve mastered the high altitude version.  Holler.


A Very Scary Stick

Remember, last fall, when Hubs thought I was grocery shopping but in actuality I was doing crafts in the front yard?  It’s funny how I say front yard, as if implying I had a back one.  Let’s be clear, I only had a front yard and now that I moved to an apartment, I have neither.

And since our apartment is 800 sq feet, I can’t justify buying or making anything new to satisfy my Halloween decor fix, except a pumpkin that I’ll be carving later.  But, I did take a 5 minute break from catching up on Modern Family to rummage through stuff, gather up sticks and rocks from the property and arrange it all haphazardly on the mantel.  Is it blog worthy, with balance and carefully woven design elements?  No, but I’m going to show you anyway.

Do you think my stick is scary?  Does that question make you feel weird, even though it shouldn’t? I added cobwebs too, but you can’t tell so should we all just admit that my spooky visions are grander than my execution?  To top off this mantel mediocrity, I accidentally cracked the glass vase whilst ‘gently’ jamming rocks into the bottom.  Hubs consoled me by telling me “It’s okay, we didn’t have room to store that thing anyway”.

In other news, I have another project up my sleeve, can you guess what it is?  Don’t be shy.

Happy Wednesday?

Coffee Talk Tour

Since Hubs and I work from home now, sometimes we need encouragement to get out of the house.  In an effort to change up our daily scenery, we decided it might be on the right side of fun to take a self paced Coffee Talk Tour of our town and report back to you.  I know.  I bet you aren’t ready for this jelly.

Coffee House: Saxy’s Cafe

We hopped on our bikes and rode a few early morning miles to this little gem, tucked right off of Pearl Street.  It’s spacious, has great music (which plays at a reasonable volume from 9 to 11), and it sure brews a saxy cup of joe:

We snuggled up by a little window seat,  got out the laptops and started to work.  Behold, my first time (EVER) working from a coffee shop.  It was grand!

The sweet sips: The coffee was strong, the bike ride was peaceful, I got to wear a scarf and interact with society.  We got a good amount of work in too, I am happy to say.  I should also mention, Saxy’s has a huge communal table (with outlets) that I imagine would be nice for studying with friends or fake working (blogging).

The bitter grounds: The coffee was strong and, unfortunately, I end up a jittery fast-talking mess.  Also, a washed up 40-something guy (actually, no, he had clearly not washed anything) wearing NY Jets pajama pants (and socks with sandals!) was flirting painfully with the baristas behind the counter.  I buried my face in coffee steam to hide my empathy shame.  It should be noted that the refills are not free and there were *two* men’s bathrooms, that you had to quick step by (I had drank a lot of coffee, after all) before you got to the women’s.  Lastly, the coffee traffic started to really pick up by 10.30am and as we started to pack up our things, a man appeared out of nowhere to lay claim to our table.  So, I took a lot longer to put on my bike helmet than normal, just because I am petty like that.

A picture of me with coffee and helmet hair:

Anyway, we’ll be coming here again.

It’s Fall Y’all

Hello my sweet cinnamon sticks, Fall is *here* and it’s the spiciest time of the year.  I’ve noticed Blogland has been littered with these cheesy To Do lists for the changing seasons and I thought why not do what I do best and copy and the crap out of it?

Fall 2011 TO DO

  • Carve ‘punkins’
  • Only refer to pumpkins as ‘punkins’
  • Drink hot apple cider
  • Cozy up in pj pants and slippers
  • Make a homemade Halloween costume
  • Go apple picking
  • Wear scarves, lots and lots of scarves
  • Buy boots (ssssh, don’t tell you-know-who)
  • Attempt high altitude pumpkin bread
  • Go on a fall bike ride with mittens (doesn’t that sound sweet?)
  • Enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot

So there you have it, my Fall To Dos.  Also, here is a picture of me and my ‘punkin’, complete with matching double chins.

Anyone else have a mental list of Fall-ish fun to check off?