It’s Fall Y’all

Hello my sweet cinnamon sticks, Fall is *here* and it’s the spiciest time of the year.  I’ve noticed Blogland has been littered with these cheesy To Do lists for the changing seasons and I thought why not do what I do best and copy and the crap out of it?

Fall 2011 TO DO

  • Carve ‘punkins’
  • Only refer to pumpkins as ‘punkins’
  • Drink hot apple cider
  • Cozy up in pj pants and slippers
  • Make a homemade Halloween costume
  • Go apple picking
  • Wear scarves, lots and lots of scarves
  • Buy boots (ssssh, don’t tell you-know-who)
  • Attempt high altitude pumpkin bread
  • Go on a fall bike ride with mittens (doesn’t that sound sweet?)
  • Enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot

So there you have it, my Fall To Dos.  Also, here is a picture of me and my ‘punkin’, complete with matching double chins.

Anyone else have a mental list of Fall-ish fun to check off?

14 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all

  1. I love your list. Raking up the knee-high leaves in my backyard is never one of my top of the list things to do. Thank goodness for mulching mowers. I love the cool nights and my cold nose sticking out of the warm blankets with Biggest girl, Pen Pen, snoring with gusto nearby on the bedroom rug. lv mamap

  2. 12. Skyping with the Garbows
    13. Figure out which costume the Kman should sport this Halloween! Grape bunch (complete with a little headband with grape vines) or Royalty costume (with a little crown!)

    • Skype date is ON! :) In my humble experience, grape costumes are the way to go. Plus, it’s kinda like an ode to wine, which I know you have an affection towards…

  3. Oh, I have been getting my fall on! And, rolling Nolan into the fall fun for some apple picking, chili making, apple pie baking, bulb planting, japanese beetle flicking, cidar drinking, gourd/white pumpkin chewing (Nolan) and displaying (me), and eating Halloween candy weeks in advance. Boo-ya fall…I am having a hay day (the boo and the hay were intentional and dorky fall references)…and, Nick, Nolan and I are going to the punkin patch this week. Also like to drink me an Octoberfest beer or two….I’ll have to put that on this week’s agenda as well. Cheers to fabulous fall!

    • You are taking full advantage of Fall lovin’, my dear!! Isn’t it the best season!? Wish I could cuddle your spicy little punkin :)

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