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Since Hubs and I work from home now, sometimes we need encouragement to get out of the house.  In an effort to change up our daily scenery, we decided it might be on the right side of fun to take a self paced Coffee Talk Tour of our town and report back to you.  I know.  I bet you aren’t ready for this jelly.

Coffee House: Saxy’s Cafe

We hopped on our bikes and rode a few early morning miles to this little gem, tucked right off of Pearl Street.  It’s spacious, has great music (which plays at a reasonable volume from 9 to 11), and it sure brews a saxy cup of joe:

We snuggled up by a little window seat,  got out the laptops and started to work.  Behold, my first time (EVER) working from a coffee shop.  It was grand!

The sweet sips: The coffee was strong, the bike ride was peaceful, I got to wear a scarf and interact with society.  We got a good amount of work in too, I am happy to say.  I should also mention, Saxy’s has a huge communal table (with outlets) that I imagine would be nice for studying with friends or fake working (blogging).

The bitter grounds: The coffee was strong and, unfortunately, I end up a jittery fast-talking mess.  Also, a washed up 40-something guy (actually, no, he had clearly not washed anything) wearing NY Jets pajama pants (and socks with sandals!) was flirting painfully with the baristas behind the counter.  I buried my face in coffee steam to hide my empathy shame.  It should be noted that the refills are not free and there were *two* men’s bathrooms, that you had to quick step by (I had drank a lot of coffee, after all) before you got to the women’s.  Lastly, the coffee traffic started to really pick up by 10.30am and as we started to pack up our things, a man appeared out of nowhere to lay claim to our table.  So, I took a lot longer to put on my bike helmet than normal, just because I am petty like that.

A picture of me with coffee and helmet hair:

Anyway, we’ll be coming here again.

10 thoughts on “Coffee Talk Tour

  1. Stop 1 on our coffee talk tour was a success. Saxy’s was really great – good (big) coffee, nice ambience, cool setting, and divine bagels (artichoke parmesan cream cheese? yes, please!). We’ll definitely be coming back… but not until we’ve hit up the other 50 stops in our tour.

  2. I love coffee shops as well. Even if you don’t drink coffee. Tea or cocoa or whatever. Zack took me to a nice one an we had some coffee tea. Dyn-o-mite. It is good to get out in the world so you don’t start acting like a paranoid smelly recluse. ::)) lv mamap

    • I really dig those milky/sugary/vanilla-y “coffees”, but they cost a small fortune (both in cash and calories) so I think I’ll stick with tea from here on out.
      I think I’ll keep the paranoid part, because it’s my way.

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