A Very Scary Stick

Remember, last fall, when Hubs thought I was grocery shopping but in actuality I was doing crafts in the front yard?  It’s funny how I say front yard, as if implying I had a back one.  Let’s be clear, I only had a front yard and now that I moved to an apartment, I have neither.

And since our apartment is 800 sq feet, I can’t justify buying or making anything new to satisfy my Halloween decor fix, except a pumpkin that I’ll be carving later.  But, I did take a 5 minute break from catching up on Modern Family to rummage through stuff, gather up sticks and rocks from the property and arrange it all haphazardly on the mantel.  Is it blog worthy, with balance and carefully woven design elements?  No, but I’m going to show you anyway.

Do you think my stick is scary?  Does that question make you feel weird, even though it shouldn’t? I added cobwebs too, but you can’t tell so should we all just admit that my spooky visions are grander than my execution?  To top off this mantel mediocrity, I accidentally cracked the glass vase whilst ‘gently’ jamming rocks into the bottom.  Hubs consoled me by telling me “It’s okay, we didn’t have room to store that thing anyway”.

In other news, I have another project up my sleeve, can you guess what it is?  Don’t be shy.

Happy Wednesday?

13 thoughts on “A Very Scary Stick

  1. I love your cute crafty projects…leaves me with hope that maybe I can figure out how to make things too…right now I just have a pumpkin sitting on the floor of my living room and that’s as far as my imagination has gotten.

  2. I love your craftiness as well. You only have room for so much. I can’t wait to see your carvings. So what project are you planning? I see a pile of shirts. Over mama’s head. You will be pleased that I got rid of the wedding dress I bought you for $6.95 at Unique Thrift store as well as 14 bags and one suitcase. It almost killed me. Then, this morning, I put out 8 bags of clothes (4 from Levi). WOW! Now I have to send the stuff to the Red Lake Nation and my sister in Ks. love mamap

    • Sooo proud of you MamaP – clear it out so you have more room to house only lovely things. That fugly wedding dress was not lovely, by any means.

    • Yss! I raided our Goodwill pile and if all goes well, it’ll be upcycled into something stellar. But, if it goes how my craft projects usually go, then it will be slopped together and Hubs will have to console me with wine and kind words. Stay tuned?

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