A Confession

So.  I have a confession.  Remember when I got all serious on you and wrote this post about cutting out The Gluten?  Well.  I did the no-gluten thing for two months, with *no* cheating.  To be honest, besides the first week, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I started to think this might be a lifestyle I could actually get used to for the long haul…

Until, one day a few weeks ago, we decided to spontaneously stop the diet.  You see, I’m just not sure if this experiment was relieving any of my autoimmune symptoms.  I kinda think it helped with some things but I couldn’t pinpoint if it was due to being gluten free, or if it’s because I’m eating healthier in general, or if it’s because I sleep more, or if it’s because I’m less stressed.  It’d be fair to say that after two months of restrictions, I have “inconclusive results”.

I’m kinda sad about it.

But, also kinda pumped because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect…

-because pumpkin bread season is in full effect and I’ve mastered the high altitude version.  Holler.


16 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. YEAAAAA!!!!! Please bake 2 more loaves, both are needed here in MN intact so no taste testing before sending. I will give your bread a thorough test, documented with test plan, assumptions, results and conclusions. To be fair, I need another person about my age to do a similar taste test so the 2nd loaf should be shipped to MamaP. I hope she’s ok with this :)

  2. Your scientific mind is the reason I love and respect you, Frank. We could meet in Cannon Falls at the winery (with your wife, of course) and pumpkin bread. Just imagine the scientific article that would come out of there! YAHOO! I miss thecandace’s bakery skills. lv mamap

  3. I’ll run experiments too! I’ll see how many pieces of pumpkin bread I can eat in 5 minutes, 30 minutes and then within a 24 hour time span. I’ll email you the results once you send the pumpkin bread :-) Upon re-reading that, I think you better make that 2 loaves.

  4. To make it even easier, there will be stamped, self addressed mailers showing up at your door shortly. Looks like we now need several because your bloggy readers are all very willing to help you :) Thanks for the nice comments from the Candace.

  5. I think the list is long enough. We’ll all keep the p-bread our little bloggy secret. SHHHHHH! Get to work doll girl. I would think chocolate chips would be the best. lv mamap

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