Heaven’s Dandruff

I had a totally different post ready for you today but when I woke up to this fluffy scene,

I figured the other post could wait for tomorrow.  It’s our FIRST SNOW!  And, a lot of it.  Supposedly we are going to get up to 12″ of heaven’s dandruff!

Of course I badgered Hubs into the elements to snap some photos.  It’s my way (and one of the many things he loves about me, I’m certain).

To think, two days ago I wore shorts to practice and when we had friends over later that evening, we had to turn on the air.  The weather here is weirder than my hair looks when I sleep on it before it’s dry.

Happy Wednesday, my party people.

16 thoughts on “Heaven’s Dandruff

  1. I was thinking the exact thing as Emily…but you two do look quite cute all bundled up, just keep it down there for a little longer :)

    • I agree, after last year’s crazy snowy winter, I think the Midwest should fend off “the white stuff” until the holidays!

  2. Love the pics! And feel free to keep all the snow in Colorado and not share ANY of Heaven’s Dandruff with those of us in Minnesota :-)

  3. Brrrrr!!! I am not ready for the snow. But it looks like fun in Colorado. Enjoy it for the rest of us and we will keep the 50 above weather. Several people in the office have incurred the wrath of several others just by mentioning snow mobiling and cross country skiing. It is almost like bringing up politics or religion. Be good and safe. lv mamap

  4. I’m ready for the snow! I’ve got a couple cute hats, the hot tub is fired up, and it looks beautiful. Glad you guys are enjoying the fluff!

    • You certainly sound like you are ready for snow, Megs! I love your enthusiasm – how your words make me miss you so! By the way, most of our snow melted already – back to 60 degrees and sunny. Wild weather, huh?

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