Happy Halloween

I sure hope your Halloween is lovely and that you are able to raid someone’s trick-or-treat stash.  Also, if you can guess what Hubs and I went as, then you win a million dollars.

12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I know what Candace was, but I’m still struggling trying to figure out mine. Next year I WILL START WORKING ON MY COSTUME EARLIER.

  2. Great job, Tai! I never would’ve guessed it! Every year when I was younger, I used to go as a nurse, and my mom would take me up to the hospital to get me a pair of scrubs, but now I wear them to school everyday, so now I am at a loss for costumes…I will just settle for handing out (eating) candy I guess.

    • I think your idea of “settling” is a grand one! I might have to send Hubs to the store because we are totally out of candy.. Do it for the children, Hubs! *winks*

  3. Owl and her Tree. OMG. In a million years. You guys look cute anyway. I wish we could dress up as scarecrows like we did as kids. Wear our regular bib overalls and put straw in the sleeves. LOL lv mamap

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