I’m a Hoot

A PSA:  So, maybe you’ve been living under a very heavy rock and haven’t heard of Pinterest.  That must change.  Seriously, “pinning” is a verb you needed to know about YESTERDAY.  Follow me (and anyone else you can think of) to get started.  You’ll thank me later!  No, really!

Two of my favorite blogs, Young House Love and Bower Power, decided to issue a Pinterest Challenge, where you are supposed to take something from Pinterest that inspired you, DO something about it, then show it off to all of blogland.  Since the Pinterest Challenge show-n-tell is today, and since many of you asked how I came up with such an adorable Halloween costume (how come not one of you even asked?), I figured I’d be transparent and tell you that I COPIED it from the internet.

Here are my Halloween “eye-candy” pins.

Can you see my where I got my “pinspiration”?

Here’s my version:

To do it, I cut a bazillion “feathers” out of old Tshirts salvaged from my Goodwill pile (see below) and hot glued those babies to a dress that was also waiting to be donated.

My mask was thrown together last minute (made out of cardboard and cardstock).  Pay no mind to the very scary off-center eyes.

Best part about it?  I don’t mean to shout, but IT WAS FREE!!

FREE!  That’s way cheaper than my garden gnome costume of yore!

You know what’s really cool?  Hubs knows the founder of Pinterest, Ben Silberman, from when they were both living in Silicon Valley, working all day and all night on their respective startups.  Looks like Ben’s hard work paid off, no?

26 thoughts on “I’m a Hoot

  1. iHeart Pinterest!!! I just got on the Pinning Train and LOVE it!!! I may very well fall into a Pinterest hole and may never come out.

  2. I try so hard with Pinterest. I think I am over stimulated, though. Too many pretties for this girl! I need to look at it on my laptop, alone, and preferably in a padded room, in case I get too excited by everything. Ha! Loved the costume. Wish I could have been a bit more in saving mode like you. Grandma and Grandpa was a bit spendy to pull off.

    • I agree, the world of Pinterest can be totally overwhelming at times. Almost paralyzing, actually. Your costumes turned out absolutely hilarious, btw!

  3. Wow! I love it as well. I know you explained all about pininterest but I forgot. I wish I had more time to check out things but the most important visit for me is here. Smooches Hooty. lv mamap

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