Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Thankful tree

This is my corner of the world to make things and post them on the Internet.  Whether they are ugly or not.  You’re welcome.

Being that Halloween days scooted over for November, I decided to re-purpose my “scary” stick into a Thankful Tree.  Basically what I am saying is, I used the same decorations for two holidays because I’m afflicted with a case of the lazies.  I made the Hubs play along because after I made him this killer butternut squash soup, how could he deny me a little crafty time?

I stole this idea from the delicious depths of Pinterest (see here) and convinced Hubs that I thought of it all by my lonesome.  I simply cut out circles of craft paper (that I’ve been hoarding for years)

and together we wrote things we were thankful for one night in front of a warm fire.

Then, I adorned my scary stick with our blessings.

It didn’t cost me a thing, except gratefulness for my life.  I’m so very blessed and I know it.

My dearest bloggy buds, what are you thankful for?

13 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Thankful tree

  1. How cool! This post came at a great time, because I am very thankful for so very many things…especially this morning while I went ‘shopping’ in my cupboards for a food drive for needy kids.

    I am eagerly awaiting my invite to join Pinterest, because I want to learn how to be more crafty, since I have lots of extra, um, things (junk) in my house that could be used to make fun things!

  2. I have so much to be thankful for! In fact, I could have filled many more branches if not for two things: 1) my insistence on adding a small drawing to each paper, 2) my inability to draw

  3. Are you talking about people who lose their marbles? I like your tree. It is important for your heart and head to be thankful and acknowledge them out loud. I think drawing a picture for each one is so cool but that would inhibit my completion of any list as well SIL. I think writing a name on each piece of paper and then adding lipstick kisses. Sincere and yet beauti-isha-lous. cool lv mamap

    • Aw, love the idea of names and lipstick kisses, Mamap! Especially if it’s that sexy lipstick you bought when you were here with me!

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