Bros, Buns, Boulder and Blossom

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-laws (Gabriel and Tony) swung through for a short trip to see our new town.  Of course, we got pounded with our second snow storm of the year the minute we told them to “dress in layers; it’s gorgeous during the day but can get chilly in the evening.”

Good thing they paid no mind to us and brought their jackets and gloves like good Minnesotans.

We took them out to Chautauqua to go on a hike because it’s just too beautiful not to take all of our visitors to see this place.

The fresh snow, piled heavily on the surprised trees (many had not yet lost their leaves), quickly began to melt and big clumps would drop off like cannonballs.  It’s was pretty and magical and

cold.  But, we kept on keeping on because we weren’t going to let a little cold (and wet socks) keep us from getting to the Royal Arch.

Here’s proof that we made it to the “Royal Arch” and didn’t EVEN CONSIDER turning back early, even after an hour of clambering and slipping our way up the ascent, even though our tootsies were that icky wet-cold (you know the kind) and didn’t EVEN WAVER with the thought that an incredible lunch awaited us if we just turned back early…

We are hard core!

After a lunch of delicious Ruebens, we ducked into the adorable shops on Pearl (and Hubs flirted shamelessly with a new lady friend named Blossom):

A close up because her puffer vest was too cute to handle.

We caught up on what we’ve been missing over coffee:

We chummed around until it was time to eat again (I love it when that happens), and we decided to eat at the best pasta place on earth: Pasta Jays.

For many hours afterward, we were reminded of the best pasta place on earth because our tiny apartment reeked like we’d put in a Garlic Glade.

We cracked open the next morning with some sticky buns (teehee), a recipe I plundered from Pinterest and of course promise to blog about as if it were my own creation.  We then said our goodbyes after breakfast and they were on their way, off to visit more family.

We miss them already.

12 thoughts on “Bros, Buns, Boulder and Blossom

  1. What a fun weekend – family, food and beautiful scenery!! The Arch is magnificent, truly one of the wonders of the world! :-)

    Zack – your new lady friends is sporting some trendy-fun threads. I think the Kman may need a wardrobe update this season.

    • I had a feeling I could count on you to take in the beauty that is the Royal Arch!
      Kman would look very handsome sporting a puffer vest! :)

  2. I’m still sweating garlic, but looking forward to our next visit to Pasta Jay’s! And as beautiful as the snowfall was, I’m enjoying the warmth and sun we’ve had since!

  3. Yea we made the blog. It was an amazing time. That arch was intense, I could not believe how majestic it looks. The hike was well worth it. Zack and Blossom were love at first sight.

  4. I am so glad Gabe and Tony made it out for a visit. How convenient that there are more relatives out there to enjoy. Whatever that pasta dish is, I am going to eat it the next time I am in Boulder. Bring on the garlic. YUM YUM! lv mamap

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