Betsy takes Btown.

In mid-November, we got another visitor.  My MIL, Betsy.

I know what y’all are thinking, most people fill with dread at the thought of spending a weekend with their mother-in-laws.  I promise I’m shooting straight with you, I like mine.  She’s a Kindle-toting liberal, with a penchant for heavy cream, Target and cashmere.  Seriously, what’s not to like?!

When she first arrived, we made nice for a while…then we got down to business.  Burger business.

Hub’s burger:

Betsy’s burger:

And mine, alllll mine:

It was insanity.

Afterward, we waddled around downtown getting our shop on, and finding ourselves in the middle of a CU Buffaloes Football parade!  Also, Hub’s friendly way always seems attracts a few new friends:

Meet Bagel:

And Cloud:

It just so happened to be Betsy’s birthday the week prior, so I had whipped up a homemade chocolate cake in her honor.

She kindly told me it looked amazing, but we both knew I had done some chocolate cake skin grafting (when the bugger wouldn’t come out of the bundt pan properly) and bandaged it with loads of ganache.  We tried to muster up a taste, but we were so stuffed from dinner that it was a shameful attempt according to my chocolate admiring standards.

The next morning, still full from the day before, Hubs made us a huge breakfast.  Then, we piled into the car, headed for a little mountain town called Nederland.  Since we had been boasting of Colorado’s beautiful weather, of course Nederland tried to crush our souls with 100 mph winds (no, for real!) and bitter snow.

Don’t fret though, we warmed up with some cajun cooking and a nap by the fire.

(Ok, ok.  I admit, only I napped.)

The next day, we set out to hike Chautauqua’s Enchanted Mesa Trail (we’re nothing if not predictable)

and Betsy turned out to be quite the strong hiker!

She couldn’t help but snatch up a few mementos as a reminder of the rockin’ good time she was having in Boulder.

Don’t worry, after the hike, we did a lot more eating (nomnomnom), crafting (I’ll share soon!), shopping and napping.

(Ok, ok.  Only I napped!)

The last day of her trip, we slathered on some eye wrinkle cream and slinked over to campus, hoping to blend in with the young educated folk.  We spent the morning chatting, touring, drinking coffee, and taking pictures.

And just like that, her trip was over.  We gave her a kiss

and she sailed off in her ride (which was a bus to the Denver airport).  I mourned her absence by eating the leftover chocolate cake with my morning coffee for three straight days.  Love you, MIL, come back soon!

14 thoughts on “Betsy takes Btown.

  1. It was so great to have my mom come and visit. We ate obscene amounts of amazing food, yet burned it off with lots of hikes and walks. And any excuse for Candace’s homemade chocolate cake is a good one.

  2. What a super holiday. Betsy is as beautiful as ever. Those food pics make my mouth water. Not so much the hiking trails. I prefer the flyover in a helicopter. I am jealous you were in a parade. Maybe there will be one the next time I visit. Glad you are having such wonderful company. lv mamap

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