Raves and Faves: NOVEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of November loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. You remember when I met up with an old friend?  Well, she kindly invited Hubs and I to spend Thanksgiving with her family since we were not planning on travelling back to MN.  How’s that for a totally clutch meet up?!?  We sure had ourselves a good time:

2.  Went to the fancy Dushanbe Tea House with friends.  I got myself a bloom tea and completely checked out of the table’s conversation until that thing sprouted.  Seriously, SO COOL.

3. Hubs and I hit up a CU Buffs volleyball game.  Three things happened: They WON (like whoa cuz they never win), we celebrated with ice cream and I declared it should be illegal to look that adorable in those itty bitty spandies.

4.  I’m loooving this blush MamaP bought for me when she came out to visit.  You might want to love it too so we have something in common.

5.  Celestial Seasonings (a Boulder company) Apple Cinnamon tea.

(No worries friends, even I almost fell asleep after writing such a boring Rave and Fave but the tea is good, trust me.)

6.  We had the pleasure of hosting a few November visitors.  Read about our (mis)adventures here and here.

7.  The day after Thanksgiving, I avoided the mall madness (but thought about shopping obsessively) and instead, we dragged out the Christmas bins and put up the tree.

November got recycled with all of the Black Friday ads and I’m outrageously excited to have this song stuck in my head all December long.

Don’t click here if you are uninterested in what I was raving about last year.

13 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: NOVEMBER

  1. I loved having all of our visitors this month. It was awesome to see my family again and show them our new home.

    And big thanks to Kari for finally getting us to the Dushanbe Tea House, where we’ve been meaning to go. It was worth the wait.

    • I was tempted to, I’m not gonna lie. :) Thank you, I do love our white dishes and the hutch holds a special place in my heart since it’s taking up so much room in our apt, we don’t have a table.

  2. I’m so glad you made new connections and a different kind of Thanksgiving tradition this year…that is always fun! So is having visitors. Happy Monday…and almost Christmas vacay to me!!!

  3. Wondeful waves and faves. Loved especially the song. It is cold here. Colleen and I went shopping for some Christmas presents for a women’s shelter and a family chosen at work. FUN. Makes me feel warm all over. Have a super vacay Kate D. Time is flying quickly. I miss you Coloradians. Lv mamap

    • It weally wuz a wonderful wave and fave month! :) That’s awesome (and so very important) that you are giving back. I’m proud of you. Missin’ you bunches, MamaP.

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