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Remember, last year, when we were saving for our outrageously complicated camera and so we opted to gift each other our time in lieu of Christmas presents?  To save you the click through, basically it boils down to a bad iStock photo (which I might swap out when no one’s looking even though that’s against blog rules), a much too long title (also a target for editing) and the fact that, well, we were to gift each other a few dates instead of shiny wrapped pressies under the tree.  Can you seriously believe I agreed to that?!?

This year, we are kinda doing the same thing, with some modifications.  We are only doing three dates, TOTAL.  I pick one, Hubs picks one and we settle on one together.   It was a bit much last year with the three dates a piece and I suspect Hubs started to tire of dating me (because he already suffered through that for five years before we got married).  The second difference being, we are exchanging gifts as well (Hello Sephora?  Did you call me?), but since we are criminally stingy elves, it’ll be a small haul.

Hubs Date:

1. A hike and hot chocolate.  As in, Hubs wants to drink hot chocolate at the summit.  That’s all sorts of adorable.  We need to find a thermos, stat.

(the)Candace’s Date:

2. I’m copying last year’s because creativity is not my strong suit and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of our morning running date, capped with breakfast.

Shared Date:

3. Either snowshoeing or cross country skiing (also a repeat), depending on what equipment we can round up on the cheap.

It’s best if you shield your eyes, but I couldn’t help but confess my excitement to spend purposeful time with my love.  He is my most favorite gift of all.

16 thoughts on “My Presence

  1. I can’t wait for our 3 dates. I’m really loving this “do stuff rather than buy stuff” tradition, even though we’re still buying some small stuff for each other.

    Now, does anyone have recommendations for a good thermos?

  2. I love your husband as well. 3 dates are plenty. Thermosii are tough because the good ones are so heavy. Little gifts are good. Enjoying the holidays is good. Look at lights and talk about pumpkin pie. lv mamap

  3. Enjoy your three dates….one of those dates would be my dream come true! I also enjoy time with my love but those are not on his list of desired date activities…he does list eating, which of course, works for me! Happy giving!!!

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