Holiday Cheer

I was soooooo excited to decorate for the holidays, especially since this is our first Christmas in Colorado.  My goals were simple:

1.  Use what I have.  I am completely avoiding Target/Pier1 after Christmas sales because, in all truthfulness, I feel satisfied with what I have (dissimilar to how I feel about the clothes in my closet).  Two bins worth of Christmas decorations is plenty and we don’t have room to store any more.  We don’t have room in the budget for it either.  Blogland is littered with the most beautifully decorated houses; but what we have, right this very moment, is good enough you know?

2.  Make our new place feel special for the holidays.

I’d say I gotter done.  Come check it out.

Our wreath (clashing spitefully against our pumpkin door):

Our tree (sorry about the exposure, I’m unsuccessfully trying to learn how to use our camera):

We are those fake tree people and honestly, I really like it that way.  I picked ours up at Menards a few Christmases ago and even though I keep suspecting I’ll tire of the red and gold theme that we’ve had for years; I can’t help it, I totally fall head over heels for it every December.  I absolutely love plugging the tree in, it’s my favorite part of the day.  Oh, and if you spotted the zebra gift bag under the tree (Hubs doing), then you win something.  Like a shout-out or a fist pump in your honor.

Our meh-mantel:

An awesomely crooked picture of our hutch:

Not sure if it’s apparent, but the monster hutch is taking up room where our table should be.  But isn’t it so pretty?

And, lastly, our living room:

I put mis-matched Christmas towels in the bathrooms and kitchen and called it a day.  It was free, it was festive, and along with the loving holiday cards we’ve got plastered all over the fridge, it makes my heart very happy.

How about you?  Are you pulling out the old stuff or waiting for those delicious after Christmas sales to pick out something sparkly and new for next year?  Anyone keeping their tree up until at least New Year’s like I am?

To check out these exact same decorations, a year younger, click here.

19 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

  1. Cute decorations and I LOVE the picture of the hutch in background of the second picture….we must have a photo tour of the apartment now.

  2. Lovin’ that hutch. Vewy pwetty.

    Per my usual self, I got super excited about Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving, but haven’t done a darn tootin’ thing since then. We got a live tree for the first time, so I have managed to water it. Like twice. Yeah. No snow in Minnesota really puts a damper on one’s festiveness.

    I like your classic colors. Can’t go wrong with those.

    • Even if your tree were barely clinging on to life, I’d call that a smashing success! I sure hope MN gets the pretty white stuff in time for Christmas!

  3. I too love, love, love plugging in my tree. There is just something peaceful and meditative about a lit Christmas Tree, don’t you agree?

    Love your decorations TheCandace (and the zebra gift bag!)

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Did you know that Mr. Ed the talking horse used to be a zebra because on black and white tv’s he came across as a single colored horse?

  5. I love your decorations. You make a beautiful holiday home. I love lighting the tree. I go to grandma’s and plug hers in. ::)) Be safe and love to all. lv mamap

    • Thank you, our home is cheery and makes me happy. It just started to snow a few hours ago. We walked down Pearl Street (it’s all lit up) and it is so beautiful! I wish I had brought my camera along to try and capture how winterwonderland-y it was.

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