Raves & Faves: DECEMBER

I know we are in full 2012 swing but here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of December loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Homemade Christmas presents.  Hubs made me a mixed-tape, my brother-in-law made us some incredible wine infused jelly (blackberry blush, chardonnapricot and sangria- did you just die of jealousy?), my MIL made me earrings and my own stocking, and Miss Tai (whom you all probably know) made us some homemade soap.  Love, love, love them and feel all mushy and thankful inside.

2.  Tenderfoot Trail hike with Hubs.  I know we haven’t even come close to exploring all of what this beautiful state has to offer, but we are doing our best.  Oh, and also, I may have sported my snowflake knee highs again…

For old knee high time’s sake, click here and here.

3. Skype.  It made being away from family easier to take.

4. The movie, Crazy, Stupid Love.  You should check out, if only for Ryan Gosling’s abs,  it’s (they’re) really cute.

5.  I’m helping out with pre-season track training at the high school (they are hard core, I tell you).  It’s a gift; I get to see familiar faces from my adorable cross country team but this time around, I’m able spend more one on one time with them.  We alternate days lifting in the weight room and running in the mountains and if I survive it all, I think it’ll be a good experience.

6.  COOKIES.  Need I say more?  Paired with Hub’s home roasted coffee and you’ve got one heck of a nice day.

7.  Capping off the year with holiday sweet potatoes, eggnog, pressies, adventures, and love.  2011 sure was a special one!

December melted away to uncover a brand new year.  You ready for it?

(To see what I was raving about last last year, click here.)

15 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: DECEMBER

  1. OMG that wine sounds A-MAH-ZING!!!!! I AM jealous!! :-)

    Your December sounds like it was a wonderful way to close out 2011. May 2012 have even more of life’s good stuff for TheCandace & TheHubs!

    PS – LOVE the stellar knee-highs!

    • Thank you, my dear! Apparently I closed out 2011 with a striped shirt only rule but I’m hoping 2012 yields a more creative wardrobe. May this new year be everything your heart desires!!!

  2. December was a fabulous month (I love being able to hike in fleeces, not coats), though we missed seeing our MN friends and family over the holidays (but how adorable was Noah over Skype??).

    p.s. Tai, the soaps you made us are a-mazing!

  3. Oh dear, no eating soap…unless you’re my 4 year old nephew who’s learned how to curse (yes, we had some “colorful” conversation at Christmas dinner!)

    I’m so glad you guys like the soaps!! :-) I had so much making them & while they were curing my house smelled so awesome!!

    • Oh, too funny! At least it kept the holidays, exciting! I can only imagine how lovely your place smelled because my vanity drawer, where I’ve got my goods stashed, smells out of this world fabulous!

  4. Love the raves and faves. I wore my toed christmas socks (a gift from gabe and tony) quite often this December. It made me feel delightful and in the Christmas spirit. My sister has a nook or krook or something and a camera and wants to skpe but that means you have to change out of your bathrobe and comb your hair. Plus probably clean up the living room and so on. Plus you can’t move around the house and do laundry. We might have to rethink this whole idea. ::)) lv mamap

  5. I like your lists….and your knee high socks. Seriously, there isn’t nothing like a good pair of knee high socks to keep the entire body warm…my good old pair from high school get me through the cold runs (errr….which I don’t do anymore as I have turned to the treadmill these days)

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