A Candace Date

You know the spiel.  For Christmas, we swapped some presents but the real gift was choosing to spend time with one another and blah blah blah.  Since I don’t like waiting in line, I chose first.

It’s a total repeat of last year because I’m a simple lady, that or my brain is too small to come up with anything different.  Unlike last year, to Hub’s dismay, I had it in my wrinkly forehead that a SUNRISE run in the mountains would be all the more special.  Think of the grand pictures we would take!  How could he say no; I mean it was my date after all?

A break for some science:  Based on a lot of things, like the Earth’s axis and complicated stuff we learned at one point but replaced it nonchalantly with Jersey Shore quotes, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  The mountains are West of us.  So, as you would guess, my visions of sun soaked mountain glory didn’t quite happen, but don’t fret, the story still has a happy ending.

Hubs and I shivered all the way to Wonderland Lake trail.  He was less than amused by the murderously chilly air.

We set off for an easy run.  It was quiet except for the crunchy snow (or maybe that was my kneecaps grinding together?) and my excited chatter.  Proof there was actual running because you know how I get when I start telling stories:

Proof also that my hair looked too stupid to take any close ups:

We snagged a sunrise over the suburbs with our backs sulking against the mountains

and then headed home for some fresh-out-of-the-oven sticky buns for breakfast.

See, I told you it had a happy ending.

12 thoughts on “A Candace Date

  1. You are the only person that I would even CONSIDER running with at 5am in 5 degree weather. You’re a lucky guy Zack! And you look considerably warmer in the last photo compared to the first! :)

  2. Initially I wasn’t too eager to get out and run while it was still dark and cold, but once we got going, just the thought of sticky buns in the oven warmed me up.

    (You’d think that since it was winter and all, I’d have the good sense to wear a hat. And you’d think wrong)

    • It was a lovely morning (in retrospect). Two more dates left to check off!! Think we should follow both of them up with sticky buns, just to keep things fair?

  3. seriously how do you eat like you do and still manage to have that incredibly HOT body? oh, I know you run daily,,,dam, that isn’t working for me

  4. What a cool date (literally and figuratively)! With scenery that beautiful, I might even be tempted to get up that early for a run :-)

    • The fresh air is good for the brain sometimes. So are sticky buns. Good for the brain but bad for the buns. It’s all so confusing.

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