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The Book Nook is my little place to talk about (not to be insanely obvious here…) books.  Because I like to read a book every year or so.  I promise I won’t give anything away (but, things happen).  And, there is a 76% chance that you’ll find this review a complete waste of time because you read the book 10 years ago.  Moving on.

THE BOOK: Cane River by Lalita Tademy

My thoughts (which most likely carry little to no influence):

I actually finished this book before The Book Thief but decided to put the review on hold because, well, The Book Thief was awesome and Cane River was just meh.  I started reading the thing way back in March-ish but then life cluttered things up (I got lazy) and just barely finished it before the holidays.  The story, based on historical fact, follows a family of a American ‘Negro’ women and how they found the courage to suffer through slavery, the Civil War and it’s the aftermath.  By the end, you find out that the author, Lalita, is actually a decedent of these amazing women, which is pretty special.  A few complaints: it was sincerely hard to keep track of how everyone was related and it was just too long for me.  Way too long.  That’s why it took me a hundred years to read it.  I must say, it’s another Oprah bookclub pick that let me down.

A few things I do admire, even so.  Formerly, the author was a very successful VP for a Fortune 500 tech company, but decided to quit her impressive job to focus on researching her lineage and write this novel in honor of her family’s struggle, history, and courage.  I appreciate her taking that leap to give a shout out to the ladies that laid the groundwork for her own independence and success.

Grade: B-

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)?  Nah, probably not.

** UPDATE: What I am reading now:  I just finished The Help and lordy, it was a good story.  I’m waiting patiently (not a strength of mine) for The Hunger Games now.


13 thoughts on “The Book Nook

    • Kristy, welcome! I did just finish The Help as well (I need to update my post). It warmed my heart up to it’s tippy top. Thanks for the comment!

  1. I loved Cane River. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t remember why I loved it because I read it about 10 years ago, but I remember being moved by the story. I’d go back and re-read it to see what it was that pulled me in, but I think I lent it to you. Anyway, The Help is also a great book and certainly more fun to read. I expected it to just be about the relationships between the help and their employers, so was really surprised by the tension, fear, etc. I haven’t yet seen the movie.

    • Betsy, your first comment! Weeeee! I’m outrageously excited. I’m the one with your copy of Cane River – I need to plop that in the mail for you now that I finally finished it. I imagine you were pulled in by how much a family can suffer through together but still stay so strong and close. In the end, isn’t that what family is all about? I thought so too – The Help was a wonderful surprise. We’ll have to swap notes once we see the movie and I think there were a few Golden Globes nods for it earlier this week.

  2. B- seems like a generous grade, given your avoidance of this book. But I’m impressed that you powered through and finished it, moving on to bigger (shorter?) and better books!

    • We need to plan a trip to the library this weekend so I can stock up on some new reads. And if we have to warm our tummies with Pasta Jay’s afterward, so be it.

  3. Good for the author. It doesn’t sound interesting enough to pick it up. I’d like to read BOSSY PANTS by Tina Fey or KOSHER CHINESE by Michael Levy about his two years in Peace Corp. Also, some mysteries by Scandanavian authors like EASY MONEY BY Jens Lapidus. It is lovely to have a long list of books to read.

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  5. I found Cane River to be a great and very informative read. As a young black female from New Jersey but was raised in southern Georgia I feel like I can appreciate everything that family went through. After reading the book I decided to check my own lineage and found a whole website based on my family dating back to 1692 from my white ancestors! It always amazed me how my great grandfather was black as night with eyes as blue as the deepest ocean and I found my answer! Didn’t mean for my comment to be so long nor so personal just wanted to basically say I loved the book! :)

    • Treasure, welcome and thank you for commenting! How awesome that this book inspired your own research into your family’s origins and life travels!! I should say, I truly admire the courage of the author’s ancestors and their unrelenting determination to keep the family a family. Thanks for stopping by!

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