10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Knowing your photo shoot is going to be AMAZING no matter how goofy you look is certainly a nice feeling. Emily works wonders!

    Loved, loved, loved those Christmas card pics!!

  2. Conversation this morning…

    Zack: I love the Flashback Friday picture! Do you remember what we were laughing at?

    TheCandace: You had snot running down your nose.

    Zack: How do you remember that?

    TheCandace: You could see it in the previous picture.

    (I love my wife for choosing this picture over the previous one :) )

  3. I wondered what got the two of you so giggle..it gives me a giggle as well and I’m trying to fight the forces that are putting the picture in my head-don’t need to see that!

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