Flashback Friday

This is only from a week ago, but check out this picture from our first adventure snowboarding.  Our trip didn’t make it into yesterday’s Raves and Faves for one reason:

It was so cold, the nuclei in my cells froze over and have not thawed since.

It was the only picture I could manage, because my hands, my poor little hands, did not deserver to be unsheathed from my monster mittens and exposed to the cruelty of the elements.

As it would turn out, Hubs had been checking the weather in Eldora, IOWA instead of Eldora, Colorado, where we have our ski passes.  Innocently, we skipped up to the local mountain thinking it was a balmy 38 degrees but were quickly greeted with -8 and soul crushing wind.  I’ve lived over 30 years between Alaska and Minnesota and have never, I repeat never, been as cold as I was on that mountain.  Brrrr.  I think I may have PTSD from it.

Have a cozy weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

14 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    • It was fairly traumatizing. But, we will try again, we’ve got seven more passes to use up. Plus, we got dumped on this morning with 17″ of fresh snow!

  1. WHOA. I draw the line at taking photos at 10 degrees. Heck, I draw the line at being outside at 10 degrees. I bring shame to all Minnesotans for my lack of cold tolerance.

    • I’m a complete wimp when it comes to the cold. I only had so many being freezing cold days in me and I think I used them all up during my harrowing winter runs in Minnesota. I’m spent, if you will.

  2. It’s always like this in Minnesota…balmy 46 degrees on Monday. If you were here, and still had your wakeboard, there is open water on the Mississippi for miles and miles :)

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